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Selena Gomez Looking Into Super Hero Roles?

I was given a heads up on an article over on Hollywood Life by someone important to me and it was a curious read.

Basically, the article was about the fact that Selena Gomez is looking into Superhero/action movie roles.  I'd link to it, but I do not condone the rest of the gossip rag bull the article dove into after that initial news bit.  Sometimes(or really all the time) their articles cause more damage than helps with their little extra tag along crap they add.  They end up causing more harm to stars reputations than helping with these connotations of 'the men they've been known to be tied with are the only reason these women are worth reading about.'  I find that rather sickening outright.  The validity of the report itself is also still under question as Hollywood Life is notorious for outright false and misleading reporting.

With this news of her looking into these kinds of roles though, it got me wondering what kind of roles would be interesting for her to do and could really make an impact on trying to promote girl power/female empowerment.

One that came to mind rather immediately was a live action Kim Possible.  Considering her Disney roots and how much she's stated before that this cartoon has impacted her, it seemed fitting.  A realistic take or update for live action that could treat this concept seriously but also update it for the audiences that are older now.  A super spy thriller that could blend elements of Black Widow to comedic elements with how surreal the setup itself is.

Then there's also the recent news of the MMPR mainstream reboot movie.  She's often said in the past that the Pink Ranger was one of her favorites as a kid.  Depending upon how this film is handled, it could prove quite interesting to see her take on that character.  Now that's assuming this movie isn't done as one giant campfest that makes people scratch their heads about it.  That one is going to be one giant cluster**** unless handled right and has a decent script to back it up though.

There's Lara Croft from the recent Tomb Raider reboot game.  The game features Lara in her first adventure and how she became the woman she is.  Ms. Gomez has proven previously she can do the accent(Monte Carlo), and the story itself has depth, emotional pull, as well as high-octane action.  It's a story of one lone young woman trying to save her friends from an island of mystery so to speak.  This is one you'd think Hollywood would be quick to adapt because of the climate we're currently in.  It could work as a prequel to the Jolie movies, or it could be a standalone feature unto itself that launches a new series of films.

On the anime side, Black Rock Shooter is another possibility though that's again another one dependent on the story used as to how well it'd play.  It'd be interesting nonetheless as BRS is known for eye-widening action visuals and strong story points of friendship and the difference friends make in life to each other.  There's also the much talked about Battle Angel Alita film that James Cameron is doing.  There's potential for her as Rally Vincent if Gunsmith Cats were ever to be adapted for the big screen.  If Hollywood really wanted to make a dent in providing leading female roles that can be sci-fi role models, there's the potential of adapting the sci-fi multi-part epic Gall Force to the big screen with it's all women story that bleeds into the foundation of how Earth itself and humans came to be.  The Devil Hunter Yohko anime adapted to live action with her as the title character also presents extreme cult-classic potential with how it dives into and gives a cinematic voice to many of the various concerns the #yesallwomen hashtag contains.  Possibly prompting more thought into the actions of geeks worldwide.

If they were to ever reboot Xena: Warrior Princess for the big screen, she'd be the perfect candidate for a young Xena just beginning her journey into the woman that became all we know of from the TV show.

Over in the DC camp, there's a handful of characters she could portray with ease.  Raven of the Nu52 Teen Titans for example could be fun.  Pandora is outright one that she could fit for.  Donna Troy, one of the Amazon sisters to Wonder Woman, is another.  Though she might be more fitting as the Young Justice heroine Empress instead.  Especially if they decide to retcon Empress into having also been a former young Amazon.

With Marvel/Fox, there's several she could portray.  There's Monet St. Croix, otherwise known as M.  She could portray Marrow, or a young Cecilia Reyes would be interesting if added to the X-Men films.  She'd be perfect for Risque from the original X-Force.  Frenzy could prove to be interesting if they approach some of Magneto's Acolytes.  There's Kimura that could allow her freedom and a way to portray a bad girl that revels in it.  Tatiana Caban is a possibility if they do approach a NYX feature film.  There's also Feral of the New Mutants that became the original X-Force.

On the Marvel/Disney side, there's White Tiger (Ava Ayala as seen in the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon and in Avengers Academy) and  Echo (Maya Lopez) from Daredevil who also became an Avenger briefly.  She could also portray Melee from the Initiative.  There's the possibility of Death Locket, the female Deathlok from Avengers Arena if she were added to Agents of SHIELD or had a substory buildup within the movies(possibly a Black Widow movie sub-story?).  If Marvel would be bold, I'd almost say a young Agent Morales fresh out of S.H.I.E.L.D. academy when Hydra went public.  It'd allow her a simple bridge gap to other feature films that the new S.H.I.E.L.D. begins to show up in.  Like both Agent Carters, it could lead to short films and potential spin-off additions.  Satana might be fun for her over with Dr. Strange's movie coming up although it's unknown who will be in it or what that story will focus on(probably classic Dormmamu and Mordo origin story, though if they really felt ambitious, they should go for the animated feature's approach and use Oded Fehr as Stephen Strange while also bolstering the diversity of the magic realms to establish side mainstays as well for later).  Satana though stands out as a role she could really bring to life in ways no one else could.

If none of those line up to Marvel's interests though, there is one fan favorite that needs to be added to the MCU somewhat soon-ish(alongside Kate Bishop of Hawkeye fame!).  The character I'm speaking of is America Chavez, aka Miss America.

She's a young Latina, and part of the Young Avengers.  She's essentially Captain America and Wonder Woman rolled into one but as a young adult.  Her appearances in Marvel comics have been an absolute delight and she also brings more diversity to the table for the MCU on many levels.  Her appearances, alongside Kate Bishop's romp over in Hawkeye has me almost praying for a real Young Avengers film or tv series, especially America Chavez's interactions with the cursed-into-being-a-kid Loki.  This character outright seems tailor made for Ms. Gomez to pursue and dominate in the role of.

Over with the Marvel/Sony license in Spider-man and Venom territory there's several possibilities depending on story directions.  Most of which would be symbiote tied either in being original creations or expanding on a previous one like Scream.  There's also Hummingbird if her story were ever to be adapted.  If Sony were to ever dive into the team dynamic that Spider-man had left in his wake, there's always Cassie St. Commons who became Dusk of the Slingers quartet.  Shriek has strong potential too if they do eventually bring Carnage into this cinematic universe.  With the symbiotes, there's also the chance of any one of the symbiote spec-ops squad members like Scorn or any other spins/updates on the Mercury Team.  This also includes potentially a new rendition of the short lived Michael Hall symbiote armored team that consisted of Royal Blue, Firebrick, Burnt Orange, Paris Green, and Gun Metal.  If they approach the Flash Thompson Agent Venom story, there's also the potential of her portraying Mania.

In the these-rights-have-such-a-convoluted-history-I- have-no-clue-who-they-belong-to-now camp, there's the comic book Fathom and its lead character Aspen that could prove highly interesting with her behind the portrayal.  Over with Marvel there's also Squirrel Girl, but with her potentially being a mutant, it's unknown if she would be part of the MCU or the Fox X-franchise.

On the literary front, there's the Anita Blake series outright which she might be perfect for.

This also isn't supposing she chooses to go the more independent film route with an instant cult-classic film like how Black Dynamite became.  There's strong potential there if handled right that'd allow her to better control her merchandising options as well as establish a property that could build unto itself with no external baggage.

This is a fantastic career move on her part and could lead to some great performances from her to add to her filmography all around.  There's no shortage of ideas anytime soon.

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