Thursday, July 7, 2011

X-23 v3 Issue 12 - 3 Questions and 4 Theories

Hmm, okay so the newest issue revealed a few things.

I am going to dance softly, so don't worry no spoilers. Well sort of. I guess you could call them soft-spoilers.

This issue has raised a few questions.

1. Mystery Lady isn't Kimura, or so it seems? This mystery lady is somewhat nice to Laura, plus from the looks of the art she has white hair. Kimura has black hair, and generally speaking isn't all that nice to Laura... Ever. So that completely refutes that theory. She does have a scent that X-23 recognizes though. Questions questions. Who the hell is this woman? It's got me scratching my head. Which I gotta outright admit is a first for Marvel. Marvel tends to be predictable with their stories. This isn't whatsoever.

2. A new previous mission has been shoe-horned into X-23's past. This another one of those fixing her past type missions it seems. Previously in the origin minis there were only 2 kids that X-23 saved. Megan Kinney, and the Sutter child. The Sutter child being after Laura saved Megan, so she was more apt to save him by the actions of the Facility themself. Which made Sarah Kinney's proclamation about Laura showing good on her own seem rather like a mother turning a blind eye to reality. Whereas this on the other hand seems more like maybe there were several instances of actions like this. Or maybe this is the Sutter child after he was adopted when he was orphaned. Highly promising story angle either way. Preferably I hope it's not the Sutter child as it would add a better dimension to X-23 as sparing the lives of children even without the accidental Facility reinforcement. That reinforcement being that Kimura didn't abuse her for saving Megan or the Sutter child. If this is the Sutter child, it'll be interesting to see how he's since grown after what Laura did, and how he's coped.

3. Trigger scent wears off on its own? Okay this is slightly new. Usually it only wears off once the smell has dissipated. This might be the same but shorthanded. It's rather unclear. Does this new triggerscent only act at initial contact? Or is it constant so long as the smell is present? Seems to only act on initial contact since Laura's clothes were sprayed with it, and she was able to snap out of it. This is definitely a new kind of trigger scent not based on the previous one that used torture and abuse to invoke a blind berserker rage. Where original trigger scent was more towards something like Pavlov's dogs, this one seems more akin to some sort of initial reptillian center of the brain based reaction. Curiouser and curiouser the rabbit hole goes. (My apologies for dancing around the real term, but it's early in the morning, and my brain is saying all sorts of curse words at me for forcing it to think.)

All in all, an interesting issue with a great ending. It does leave me wondering though as to what's going on, which I also praise as that rarely if ever happens to me with Marvel comics. (That isn't meant to pick on Marvel with that comment, DC and comics in general have the same problem of being too obvious with the foreshadowing as well. That tends to happen with any book or story though once you've just simply read too much literature. Which is why genuine surprises to me at least, are a great thing when a writer can do it and has always meant it that way. Unlike last minute changes because the readership has already guessed.)

So new guesses for mystery lady!

My personal current theories are:

X-24 - Did another backup project exist after Dr. Kinney succeeded? It would seem plausible when you consider that kind of money involved would probably run a backup experiment from the findings of the first concurrently to the one they are using at the main Facility lab. Something Dr. Sutter may have taken to his grave, as Dr. Rice may not have even been aware of it.  Assuming Dr. Sutter knew about at least, he may not have either, this being something those above him may have done too without his knowledge.  Like how he acquired the initial blood sample from Weapon X.

Kimura - Has she mellowed with age? Has whoever truly created her started tweaking her powers and messing with her head? Is this something new to cover why it seems her hair doesn't grow and the fact it's as impervious as her body and fingernails? Fingernails also being something that seemingly don't grow because of her Facility given powers. I'm going to keep Kimura in the theories for now just because as of the previous history, she was the only one left that we the reader are aware of with any kind of Facility connection.

Alice Sinister - While previously we've only known of Kimura being the sole Survivor from the Facility she was created at.  Recently Mr. Sinister was added to that.  So he would have some of the notes and information in question.  Could this be the further evolution of his new female body?

??? - Or is she something new and completely original? This is what I hope for. Ms. Liu having a literature background makes me lean more towards this.

Who or what do you think this new Mystery Lady is? What did you all think of the issue?

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