Friday, July 22, 2011

SDCC 2011: X-23 Edition!

So if you were lucky enough to go to SDCC 2011 and you are an X-23 fan, you're probably wondering what there is to see.  Or if you weren't able to go, you probably want to know what you're missing.

Well that's where we'd like to help!

So far, just 3 bits of info for X-23 seem to have come out.

1.  Hasbro has X-23 in their display diorama for Marvel Universe.  They also have her 2011 wave 4 figure on display loose, as well as in package.  They've got a Gambit and Mr. Sinister comic pack coming in the pipeline, alongside an Astonishing X-Men/Avengers Wolverine.  Sadly still no word on an unmasked X-23 variant or her other costumes, and still no word on a Ms. Sinister variant for Mr. Sinister.

2. Kotobukiya has got a sweet display for Marvel statues.  One new one is an amazing X-23 but as yet unpainted.  It's a statue of her costume from Marvel vs. Capcom.  Definitely something to keep an eye out for.  They also have black cat, scarlet witch, mystique, Invisible woman, black widow, Rogue, among others.  Check them out at Toyark.  They've also got the X-Force multistatue display that includes X-23.

3. The artist behind Marjorie Liu's first X-23 comic book, the v2 issue 1 oneshot is in attendance, possibly even has a table for commissions or autographs.  Marjorie Liu herself will also be in attendance for 2 panels;  Year of the X-Men, and the Women of Marvel presented by Oxygen.

Hmm, you know while they are at it, Marvel should consider talking to Oxygen about certain licenses like Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel, X-23, or even She-Hulk.  All four of which would fit seamlessly into the Oxygen lineup, or a Lifetime lineup.  Granted I've been saying this for years, but schucks, whoever listens to me anyway?  One character that's pure costumed espionage, two characters all about self assurance, Self-control, self-confidence and self-respect(one of whom is even in the air force!), and one character all about self-discovery with a dash of giving yourself value in spite of what the world tells you.  All 4 of which kick major ass and could take the world by storm if handled correctly.  Oh comeon, you know you want to see She-Hulk take the Ally Mcbeal dive into primetime...  Ms. Marvel with a stargate/NCIS or Jag vibe...  Mockingbird with a Covert Affairs/Burn Notice spin...  Or even just X-23 with a Heroes/dollhouse/Buffy like spin.  Assuming of course they hire writers that can keep show canon intact and not have a repeat of the nose dive Heroes did in its last seasons with the writer shakeup.  (Seriously, it should be a pre-requisite for shows that you at least watch what you write for, so you don't ignore obvious scenes, or if you do acknowledge them, more than just some offhanded remark in the ending that suggests "Yes we know we screwed up.")

No direct pictures this time.  I don't have any of my own, and I don't want to steal any from other sites.
Feel free to turn to Bleedingcool, Comic Book Resources, Toyark, Marvelousnews or any other outlet you know of in attendance.

Of course keep on the look out for X-23 cosplayers too!

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