Friday, July 15, 2011

X-Men: Schism #1

I'm not going to bother with a review.  I really don't see the point in that for this as it doesn't use X-23.  I want to talk about the mellowing of Logan though.

Whether or not you like Schism, or what the big bad is turning out to be, you do have to give credit to the writer for his usage of history for these characters.

Wolverine especially was used quite well.  It mentions offhandedly just how tired he's becoming with bouncing from title to title, and it also shows a side of Logan we rarely get to see.  The side of him that's starting to mellow and show his soft spots.  Sure, he's always been known as the thug, or the animal, or whatever other adjectives you want to use to describe his beastial berserker nature, but this shows a softer side of Logan.  It even explains as to why.

Over close to 40 years of stories, and we finally see some real growth of this character in the past decade.  By real growth, I mean growth not caused by tragedy or romantic entanglements.  Whether it's his appearance in X-23: Target X, his appearances in X-23's ongoing, or in Schism, we're starting to see a Logan that's mellowing in age.  One could probably argue that it's his experiences and exposure to his 'daughter' and son that may have done this, and that it's his paternal instincts finally truly kicking in as it seems Kitty Pryde points out indirectly at one point with her comment of how young she was when he trained her and put a sword in her hands.  It's an interesting take on the character.  Something familiar to the growth shown in X-Men Evolution.  Where he made the statement in one episode, "sometimes kids just need to be kids."  Not too long ago, he would have been the first to say these kids need to be ready for what's to come, like how he trained Kitty.

With a questionable moral compass, Wolverine's always been considered the penultimate badass.  It's nice to see that not exactly change, but become broader in his views.  While he may be rough at times as X-Force has shown with his treatment of X-23, he is trying to do what he thinks is best in his own way.

Love or hate Schism, that's your choice, but give credit to where credit is due, and Wolverine is being written perfectly in it.  It's showing where he's come from, to what he's become.  The contrast works perfectly with the hard choices that are to come.  It's an interesting parallel to Cyclops who has become more arrogant over the years from his experiences, and has a harder edge but is seemingly careless because of his arrogance.  Something that not more than 15 years ago, they would have accused each other of the opposite.  Scott would have berated Logan for his arrogance and acting without thinking, whereas Logan would have called Scott soft and going too easy on children for what they may have to face.  It's not just some arbitrary switch either as their experiences and personal storylines have both grown them into becoming what they are now.  The natural story evolution of their personalities and the personal conflicts they've faced.


  1. Really perfect article.. I wonder where Logan's need to take care of girls stems from. Maybe, because he felt abandoned. But, it's great seeing his caring side.

  2. I'm not so sure if it's just girls. As kitty points out, he put a sword in her hands at that age, yet Idie, he gives a doll.

    I think his entire attitude towards children in general has changed since getting his full memory back, and seeing what happened with Daken. Sure we've seen him be nice to girls, but even Daken, and others he's seemingly mellowed a lot. Over the ages when it comes to children there's been a shift from teaching them to protect themselves to teaching them it's okay to just be a kid. Though it could be just towards girls but I don't think Logan is gender-biased. I think it stems from his own children, seeing the kids at the academy die, and even the messiah arcs. In the last 10 years he's had a firmer grasp on what all this exposure to violence and pressure does to some and seemingly wants to offer some kind of stability and normalcy for them to hang onto as the world becomes more upside down. You don't get much more topsy turvy than living on an island as your own nation. Especially with the politics that involves, and the pressures they have now.