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Character Spotlight: Kimura

I had said a long time ago there was something I wanted to write about.  Now with this month and next seemingly being light on X-23 news, I finally get the chance.  The character spotlights will focus on individuals that have had an impact on X-23 or her history into becoming who she is.

Who better to start with but the otherside of the coin that is the opposite to everything X-23 is.  Kimura.

Real Name: Unknown
Known Relatives: Abusive Father, Negligent Mother, and Kind Grandmother(deceased)
Ethnicity: Hispanic (Direct details of race or ancestry have never been divulged.)
Known Affiliations: Formerly The Facility, Currently Unknown
Connection to X-23: Formerly Her Handler.

Kimura was created to be X-23's handler. The one person Laura couldn't harm or kill. How she was created is still a mystery as Dr. Rice who brought her in has never directly said he created her nor has he said how or when her powers manifested(X-23: Target X). With his string of failures, it's hard to believe Dr. Rice was the one who accomplished this.

Kimura was raised in an abusive home until her grandmother pulled her out of it, and tried to raise her right, but the damage was already done in turning Kimura into a sadistic bully. She regularly beat X-23 for any mistake, and just all around any reason she could make up to do it.

Kimura is part of the Facility strike force that attacks the Kinney household to recapture X-23, but fails. She's also the only Facility team survivor from this ordeal. (X-23: Target X #1-6)

Later, when Kimura comes to the Xavier institute for revenge, Emma Frost senses her and confronts her outside the school grounds. It's revealed by Emma Frost during this Academy X story how Kimura was raised as a child. As a way to punish Kimura, Emma erases the only good childhood memories Kimura had of a parental figure caring for her. Emma telepathically deletes the memories of Kimura's grandmother as punishment for the transgressions against the children of the Xavier Institute. This comes after Kimura kidnapped Mercury for the Facility's Predator X project, and Hellion with X-23 had stopped them. (Academy X: New X-Men #33-36)

Kimura is seen working with Madame Hydra later trying to sell Predator X units for the Facility. She is stopped by Wolverine and the Punisher but escapes. (Astonishing Tales Vol. 2 #2-6)

This doesn't hinder Kimura. As she returns later after the Facility has infiltrated Hammer to recapture X-23.

X-23 escapes again, and in a fit of rage about X-23's escape Kimura kills one of the Facility staff heads and swears a vendetta against X-23 and everyone she's ever met, loves, or has known. Kimura will hunt them all down and kill them. At this point the affiliation to the Facility becomes unknown as all contacts we were aware of Kimura had, she has since killed. (X-Force v3 #18-20)

Kimura has not been seen or heard from since. Presumably she's hunting down every person X-23 has come in contact with. Starting with Megan and Debra Kinney as she promised. Kimura's current whereabouts and methods of this are unknown.

Kimura is the only known survivor from the Facility besides X-23 and any shadowy higher ups that the comics foreshadowed were still out there.

It's potentially revealed in the X-23 ongoing that The Facility may have been a US government operation. Which may explain who the shadowy higher ups are, but doesn't explain some of their actions within Target X and Innocence Lost of corporate espionage, and selling their 'weapon' to the highest bidders. This raises the question of did Dr. Rice take this Government operation and go rogue with it after killing Dr. Sutter, or was the one reference in the ongoing simply used as a means to suggest to fans the story direction for the ongoing is staying away from that area. It could be an allusion to how X-23 is misremembering details from her childhood as well. This also fits with the allusions Ms. Sinister had made. Any connection between Mr. Sinister and Kimura have yet to be revealed if there are any.

Kimura is a sociopath. Her main goal in life is to get revenge on X-23 and turn X-23 into the same as her. Kimura repeatedly attempts to make Laura kill all those Laura may have a connection with, but has failed so far in the comics. Kimura's tactics are unknown, but based on her character she would do it by any means needed to do so. She is not above any underhanded tactic she could get her hands on to do this, or find out who and where these connections are.

Kimura's abilities are indestructable skin and hair(Epidermis layer, and the protein chains that make up her hair and toe/fingernails). How this hinders her outward appearance aging process is unknown. We have been given no sign that her hair or fingernails grow, or if they do, how she is able to cut them, or even if her epidermis layer is subject to the cell decay of the aging process(her powers do not apply on the inside, and she may indeed be subject to internal cell decay/rotting from the inside). Her physical body may be impervious to harm, but currently her organs inside and brain are not. The durability of her outward skin layers and hair prevents any form of puncturing her skin or attempt to malform its shape.

Appearances in story order:
X-23: Target X #1-6
Academy X: New X-Men #33-36
Astonishing Tales v2 #2-6
X-Force v3 #18-20

For more information refer to the Kimura wikipedia entry. Kimura

Next up in the spotlights: The Facility and its Doctors.

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