Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Mighty

Marvel let loose some images related to Fear Itself. This one in particular caught my attention. It depicts The Mighty. Warriors with enchanted weapons to take on The Worthy.

In previous interviews, we've heard that X-23 will be in Fear Itself the homefront because she's 'worthy'. Could this be why?

From left to right: Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Unknown (probably Red She-Hulk), Wolverine, Unknown ( X-23 is my guess considering the combat knife weapon, but it could be Black Widow or Mocking Bird too as other fans are guessing.  I feel pretty certain it's X-23 though considering previous comments and Iron Fist being there too.), Hawkeye, and Spider-Man.

Most are guessing the big sword lady is Valkyrie.  I immediately thought Red She-Hulk as the Hulk is one of the worthy, and it'd make sense that she'd move heaven and earth to save him.  Which would make her an obvious choice for the mighty.  Valkyrie is a sword wielder though, which atuomaticly moves her out of the running for the more combat knife oriented other woman.  Combat knives being something more akin to Black Widow, Mockingbird, or X-23.

So is the mystery woman behind Wolverine X-23?  Or do you think it's someone else?  If so, who?

Personally, I lean heavily on X-23 as the demeanor, the weapon, and the previous comments all seem to suggest it.  X-23 is the type of character you'd expect to have a mystic combat knife, or dual short blades of such nature.

Turns out the Worthy are Red She-Hulk, Doctor Strange, Spider-man, Wolverine, Iron Fist, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Ms. Marvel.

The one I confused for X-23 is indeed Black Widow, but at least my Red She-Hulk guess was right.  Black Widow makes complete sense with her recent loss of Barnes.  Plus X-23 using dual daggers would be kind of odd since Wolverine himself got enhanced claws.  So yup, my reasoning was obviously flawed from the start by dissmissing that fact.

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