Friday, July 29, 2011

X-23 Issue 13 Preview, and Marvel's Awkward Mistake.

X-23 issue 13 Preview is up at CBR for next week's issue of X-23's ongoing. It'll be released on August 3rd.

Marvel also recently made a funny but rather awkward mistake in an upcoming X-Men issue.

As Tabby would say when she's her normal cheerful bouncy self, "Awkward."
What's Reed want with all that come anyway? Does this explain the source of unstable molecules for their clothes? Did they stop dying the suits for the Future Foundation outfits? Why doesn't Marvel catch typoes this bad earlier?

Can you say re-call? The letterer forgot a 'to' in there which led to this awkward change over what was meant.

Yes, Reed really did just say "We'd like come. It's times like these we need to stick together."

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