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X-23 Fan Soundtrack Part 2

So continuing off of Part 1, I thought it about time I finally posted up Part 2.

Just like last time, keep in mind these are just the tracks that I'd pick, and do not reflect what would or should actually be used if such a movie went forward.
You know, your typical disclaimer crap that I'm too lazy to even rewrite this time let alone bother with the politics BS speak that these things normally entail.

This list will feature pre-existing music tracks as to imitate what would be perfect for a soundtrack, not an original score(for obvious reasons). Not every song here should be in the movie either. The ones that I feel should, will be accompanied by an explanation of where. Since the readership is scattered around the world, I'll make sure to pick samples that are available to hear around the world too.

The listing is not done in order of preference to each song.

So, you've waited long enough, let's not keep you wondering any longer and get on with Part Deux!

6. Sometimes by Skillet

Something with a little more normal heavy-handed rock seemed needed. Skillet is quickly making the rounds more and more in soundtracks these days, and to be frank, with lyrics like this song uses, I couldn't think of one better. Well that's not true, I was leaning towards Alive and Awake originally, but that's so overused lately. Oh it's good, but this one felt more appropriate. It has an edge to it that just seems to work.
While I'm not sure if it has its place anywhere in an X-23 movie save for maybe the credits, it does yield a decent form of tantrum so to speak. This is the kind of song you could see a video being about Laura's darker side as well as her more emo side. More accurately though, I could see this being used for a Kimura spotlight played off against X-23. It just works on many levels between the two of them.

7. The Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold

Babylon being the best analogy for the Facility. Simply put this song speaks to the fall of the Facility. The beast being Dr. Rice, and the harlot refering to Kimura. A song that encapsulates their manipulative ways, and taking over of the facility. You could call this Xander's theme if you'd like.

8. By Myself by Linkin Park

Okay, I'm starting to notice a mildly depressing song trend here. Oh well, what can you do? Well I could pick a more upbeat song. Anyway, this one was chosen for the raw energy early Linkin Park has. This song in particular was picked again for the nods to the darker side of Laura, but yet at the same time it's perfect to play against Kimura. Something that really pushes that paranoia of Kimura always there, always judging, always bringing her down and trying to turn her into someone just like her. Kimura works as the other side of the same coin. The being that is just pure hatred compared to the empathy Laura carries within her. Probably one of the reasons I dislike the notion of Laura reveling in death and blood. Kimura is the counterbalance to that, she's the one who revels in pain, death, and suffering. Where Laura is trying to just make her metaphorical parents, the facility, proud of her, and be the child that attempts to please them, Kimura is the one that beats her, and is trying to make X-23 just like her in enjoying it. The bully to Laura's little girl lost.

9. Indestructible by Disturbed

Outright Kimura's theme. There's just an eeriness to this that works with her. That haunting smile played off against these lyrics. Just following orders, yet enjoying every minute of it. She's an indestructible master of war, simply put. Definitely a terror to behold. This just fits her too perfectly. I could see this being used in the battle between Kimura and Laura in Debbie's house towards the end. A build up that makes you think it's refering to X-23 as she takes down the final soldiers just to face Kimura and fail.

10. Monster by Skillet

I feel like a monster, a line that's perfect for X-23. The very mantra she seemingly lives by. I feel like a monster, therefore I am a monster, and will make people think I'm a monster so they try and find a way to stop me. When in fact she's so much more than that. Death by cop so to speak although far more complicated than that as Laura isn't exactly suicidal. I thought about choosing Three Days Grace 'Animal I have become' but there's more a fear of what a person is becoming in that along with asking for help to stop it. That doesn't quite fit with X-23. She's not afraid of what she's becoming, she already is that and I can't recall once in any issue where she ever asked for help. Her life being defined by monsters though, this is something more akin to what she's trying to live past. Again it just has that tantrum feel to it, that oomph of just roaring at life. This song just evokes the entire aspects of trigger scent that are used in the mini-series. That blind berserker nature triggered by a smell that's just always there beneath the skin. It also carries aspects of Laura not being able to stay with Megan and Debbie. It was a very tough call, and I could easily see both being used for fan music videos.

11. Who Says by Selena Gomez and The Scene

I definitely had to end this entry on a lighter note. There was far too much heavy rock. Something more upbeat, more finding your own path your own way, and about having value to yourself as you do the world around you. Something that speaks to how others cast perceptions onto Megan and Laura and tell them what they should or shouldn't be. This just seemed like the better place to use this song to reserve part 3 for just pure epicness. This would be more towards Megan's theme as Laura tells her everything and what happened to Megan's Aunt Sarah, and Megan being the one who would tell her pretty much the very thing this song speaks to. Something mildly perfect for that transition from the dock where Megan learns everything, and walking to school before the bell.

Part 3 to come whenever.

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