Thursday, May 19, 2011

X-23 v3 Issue 10 Released Yesterday!

X-23 v3 issue 10 hit comic stands yesterday.

After reading the issue myself, I'm left speechless. This issue redefines not just good x-23 comics yet again, but good comics outright. Marjorie Liu has truly hit her stride and just keeps outdoing herself with each successive issue. The art team itself has varied wildly with the conveyance, but all with an underlying purpose to the switching around.

This issue starts the Jubilee arc, and is shaping up to be the best comic arc I've ever read. Just everything in this issue is wow. I'm not sure where I want to start, or how much I even want to spoil, but if you're an X-23 fan I highly recommend picking this issue and story arc up. If you missed out on the Collision story arc (which does play a huge factor to this issue), a TPB of that will be hitting book stores soon. I hope they move forward with doing that to the entire run though. From the oneshot to this issue and more, it's intertwined beautifully from the artwork to the story, all having their place, and meanings. This is a comic steeped deep in psychology and perceptions. This issue especially dives into the triggers for backsliding (the kids she killed at the end of collision plus the hit list) into old habits and X-23's fluctuating perception of herself.
It ends on a shocking note that may have fans bickering back and forth for awhile. Personally I think it ends on a note that just screams potential.
I don't know how to explain that without ruining the scene itself.


  1. I defiantly agree with you. This is defiantly an arc to look forward too and seems to stabilize the series from the traveling for a while. Also, I found Jubilee to be rather cute during all of it. I got a feeling she'll join Wolverine's book though. Like in the old times.

  2. I'm kind of hoping she'll stick around in X-23's book for awhile after the arc. Since Jubilee needs Logan's blood, Laura's blood should do the same trick.

    The part that really surprised me was how deep it went into the psychosis of a cutter. From the shame, to what seems like finding an alternative outlet for it. Typically I'm not fond of how the violence against X-23 or against herself was glorified in the past, but the current creative team seem to be walking a fine line of that. The panels depicted in such a way to carry weight, but at the same time not glorifying it.

  3. The other reason I really like Jubilee in the book, is because of the same reason that's played off perfectly in the issue. The comparison of the two.

    Jubilee, raised by the X-Men as a teen, coddled by them, with life dealing her tragedies. Eventually life turning her into a predator by nature.

    Laura, raised to be a predator, life always putting her into the role of a predator, trying to move out on her own to become something more than she was trained to be.

    The opposing natures of the two, Laura's humility, yet more capable than any person really knows, and Jubilee, so full of arrogance and gusto, yet lost inside even before the tragedies of her own life. Jubilee is outspoken, Laura is reserved. The dueling natures of the two just intrigue me. Being so close in age just makes it work better than the wolverine jubilee comic too.

    Not that I'd want to see Gambit replaced though either. I think he has much potential to be explored with his horseman nature that has yet to truly shine through as yet for various reasons. I'm starting to wonder if Gambit isn't there for the reasons he claims, and the Horseman nature is taking notes on Laura as being strong. This slow build is great, and the potential between the three is just unquantifiable for how epic and amazing it could be in the long term.

  4. I believe Jubilee hides her feelings with her out going personality. As Professor Xavier noticed in the past. She sometimes really feel as if she doesn't belong. Due to everyone else's power in the past being so much more viable than hers and the complete age difference. She always thought of her self as a adult treated as a kid too. I feel as if they are kinda the same yet, Personality wise very different.

  5. Yep, and that notion is a fun thing with them around each other. Both women wise beyond their years from life experiences, yet often falling in the cracks of the X-Men's tendency to dissmiss them in favor of the more adult members. Even Kitty was never quite treated like that, and as keeps being pointed out, her power is a purely defensive one unlike Jubilee's.

    It always made me wonder why they never explored Jubilee's power like they did others. Opting to just get rid of her powers and start over instead of digging into the possibilities her power yields, but oh well. New powerset to deal with now instead.