Saturday, May 28, 2011

X-23 to be in Fear Itelf: The Homefront Issue 5

CBR's Cup O' Joe has revealed some fun stuff coming up for X-23.

Finally, Drew Mathieu had a question (seconded by Skaddix) asking, "I was very excited to read that Spider-Girl and X-23, along with Power Man and Thunderstrike, were going to be appearing in Fear Itself: The Home Front #5. I was wondering why these four particular characters, who to my knowledge have had no prior interaction, were grouped together for this story? (Not that I'm complaining one bit!)"

Brevoort: "Fear Itself: The Home Front" is Lauren Sankovitch’s baby, so…

Lauren Sankovitch: Hey Drew! Associate Editor Lauren Sankovitch here! As for your curious query, let’s just say they are The CHOsen…if you catch my drift.

This suggests, to me at least, that X-23 might be getting her own Hammer or mystically endowed weapon of some kind(Katars, dual daggers or dual swords please! Even dual tonfas, a more defensive weapon would be neat!). If so, count me giddy. (*Edit* Silly me missed the most obvious and awesome that could be used, a scythe like the grim reaper's. Yes I know none of these are hammers, but do we really need more Hammers than what we've already got coming?)

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for new costumes. Especially random mystically endowed ones. The only other things that would make me this giddy are Stark Armor designs for characters that accentuate and enhance their various abilities and DarkHawk's Fraternity of the Raptors Amulet enhanced heroes. Well, maybe Nova enhanced heroes too. Though the Stark one I'd prefer they stop with the Iron Man centric design nuances besides his own company or associates like Rhodes, Pepper, and Himself.

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  1. I don't know what to think. The first issue of fear itself was :S.. Also, there are so many variations of it. It's hard to keep up with as well. I know it's going to affect the marvel universe. But.. So is Schism and so many other things @_@. Also, I think the whole universe of marvel can never prevent anything from happening to mutants.

  2. Yeah, I'm having a hard time following it myself with how scattered across the board it is, and just how drawn out and boring certain issues have been. This one gives me hopoe actionwise though as the momentum should be going forward more.

    I feel dumb again for missing the obvious though. X-23 needs a Scythe. Something chosen for her judgement like how swiftly she deals with those that harm children and how careful she treats desperattion as seen in issue 7.

  3. Or I just miss the most obvious clue about Amadeus Cho. xD