Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fox and Comic Books

Recently, a Superman short story written by David S. Goyer has caused quite a stir. It has Superman deliberating over whether or not he should renounce his US citizenship so his actions cannot be construed as acting on american policy or America's behalf.

Fox News went foward with an opinion piece on this story that reflects the ignorance within the organization. In an opinion piece titled "Who Has Hijacked Superman and Turned Him Into a U.N. Loving, Anti-American?", Fox's own Cal Thomas goes on to berate the entire idea of the story. He links it to such things as Obama loving liberals and other political bull shit. Yes, I just actually cursed here, because that's what this piece is, pure unfiltered bull shit from someone who hasn't even read it, let alone understands it. I mean really, Superman taking a stance of helping the world means he's abandoning America? Where anywhere in the story did he ever mention 'abandoning America?' Nowhere, that's where.

I'm not going to speak about whether or not this is a good move on DC's part, though I do feel it is a topic worth exploring as it's something that has come up before with the character and his actions. I'm not refering to Superman's political views, I'm refering to his abilities and pursuance of truth, justice, and freedom for all mankind. You know, the original radio intro that this columnist blatantly misquotes to prove his point.

What riled me up about this column was a rather haphazard attempt at bashing the intelligence of those who read comics.

I don't know about this columnist, but I actually went to college. Studied in Computer Programming(focusing on C++), AI development, Psychology, sociology, english literature, Graphic Design, Philosophy, and theology, before settling on generic business that bored me to death(yeah, I jumped majors like a kid does squares in hopscotch). I went to a Jesuit University that focused on free thought and 'love for thy fellow man.' Yeah, that last bit sometimes I do tend to ignore, as I'm seemingly ignoring now.

This piece infuriated me outright. With a line like "Construed? Would comic book readers have heard of such a word?" is it any wonder why?
They just want to execrate and belittle the intelligence of adults who enjoy creativity and free-thinking over what they tell you is the truth. Far be it for us simpletons to point out the fallacies of their arguments that they haven't bothered to research.

So while such authors like Mr. Thomas here want to abominate anyone who think differently, it did make me reflect on the aspects of this blog, and why I use the word choices I use.

For here, I tend to knowingly limit my own vocabulary and vernacular. I do this for good reason. From personal experience when I start to expound to friends who live around the world, I always get stopped in the middle, and asked to define words I may have used. So when I started here, I had one goal in mind with what I would write. I would keep it within simpler confines to still carry my point, but also not alienate a readership that may get confused by my word choices since they may not be solidly familiar with english or have english as their first language. I chose to limit my word usage so as not to sound pretentious (not like it helped...), to help keep people aware of the current dilemmas of modern characters, the science associated, the potential of movies behind them, and the character history which often drives characters to who they are. I do not use 'simple words' because I feel my audience lacks intelligence. I also chose to not curry favors from any outlet, as to me that is one of the biggest problems with news outlets. Attempting to appease the companies to keep in their good graces, as opposed to informing the public. I don't want to play political games like that. The work will speak for itself.
That's a topic to come back to another day if ever. I have many opinions about the political BS that drives many institutions that hinder the potential they could reach.

Many of the aspects I do focus on here, I'm still working to elaborate on and correct. I tend to shoot from the hip when it comes to this place, without always bringing to fruition the full thought or point I had intended. Many of the more opinion related pieces I have planned have been on hold for this reason (well that, and when you do a full 15 track song list, and realize the song list is very style and group centric, sometimes you have to step back and open your horizons a bit more).

So are comic book fans unintelligent? Oh hell no. Often we ponder the societal issues, and future issues that current politics or even the news have failed to see or recognize. (*cough* Net Neutrality *cough* Stem Cell Research *cough* the moral implications of cloning and how the MPAA ratings board views violence against things other than natural born humans as okay *cough*.) Comic fans are varied, and to say in a global statement that all are morons(Implied, rather than outright said. Yes I as a comic fan, do know the difference, but I also recognize that's just semantic bull shit, the intent is the same.), is a great disservice to the medium and those who enjoy it. It'd be like saying all those who read Salinger are heathens. It is so far removed from the truth it can do nothing but make you laugh at the attempt.

So Mr. Thomas, I kindly bid you to educate yourself, before you cost Fox any more support than you already have. Heaven knows they aren't the best company when it comes to monetary concerns and maintaining appeal. (At least add a disclaimer that this is solely your views. Even if it's an opinion section, without the disclaimer Fox is indirectly condoning and agreeing with said opinion. Oh and how I used 'an' there? That's how you use it. For someone condemning comic reader intelligence, the mis-usage of the simplest indefinite articles suggests the fact that he himself is lacking.)

This being said, I still feel an X-23 feature would do wonders for audiences. Sadly, only Sony is willing to go forward with something of such thought provoking nature (seriously, go see Hanna!), while Fox is left to figuring out how else they can insult Americans and the world at large. Don't kid yourselves, Fox is the kind of company that makes America's founding fathers roll over in their graves daily. Hyperbole? I rather wish it was.

Thankfully, the X-Men movies have a strong producer behind them that do not echo the sentiments that Fox bellows from their belltower of despair.
Bryan Singer, with Vaughn directing has allowed X-Men First Class to surpass expectations, and continue on with what will be a grand serial.
Sure, I may not agree with all of the choices in the X-Men film franchise, but this one I can whole-heartedly say I do want to see. Even the miss-steps in the past haven't been without merit, as any capable writer will tell you, but alas vocal comic purists will always want just that. Purity to the original title even when it's not applicable. Let me be clear. I'm not saying strict adherence is bad or good. I believe it is a title by title basis to make that decision depending on relevancy to the intended conveyance of the feature in conjunction to the universal confines it has built around itself, or time constraints. Always have to watch out for time constraints when dealing with material that's longer than what is feasibly alloted by an audience. To this end, it does vary to what you can or can't do. Some minis don't transfer from the page to the screen that well, and others can do so beyond what any film entity would dare.

My apologies for this tirade, I just felt it was prudent to make this point when News Organizations decide to belittle the people they are supposed to be reporting news to.

Tomorrow this blog will be returning to solely X-23 coverage. As I plan to disect the most recent issue in all its glory to elaborate on exactly how great it was and why. That won't be a review, as I'm still waiting on Tabitha (Alt-Tab, no really, that's the name she finally chose, go fig.) to do the reviews on Daken that take place between issues 8, 9, and 10 of X-23's current ongoing comic series.

Note: Now that this blog has more than one writer, these are the views and opinions of solely this writer, and do not reflect on the blog as a whole or its other participants.


  1. Really, great piece Snowflakian. I like the thought put behind everything and not singling out as well. But, I realize how important it is to release your thoughts or emotions.

    I believe Fox has been doing this for a while. The news corporation side at least. I don't if everyone there agree with the views. But, it's mostly ways on how to catch people's eyes with quick zangy words. I do love my country and super-man. Oh my, Superman going turncoat? I must stay tuned. Superman is dead?... Again? I'll turn the channel. You can really find anything to get people's attention with the right wording.

    They just want to stay a float at the cost of being branded as hot heated and etc. I guess it's there method. I don't know what else to say.

  2. Well, I don't mind them reporting it, it's just I'd rather they not brazenly start a flame war and call people stupid to do it. Comic fans are as varied as both republicans and democrats themselves are. So global statements towards any single group will always lead to a backlash. It also goes to show the reason many of us don't use these random words that I interjected here, is just that, they are random. How many people actually use them in their day to day speaking? It just sounds unnatural.

  3. Yeah, and if you ever use those words again, Imma smack you.

  4. "I figured that out while you were expounding your theories." So what am I supposed to do when you use them instead?

  5. You stop spoiling Doctor Who.