Friday, May 27, 2011

The Search for the new The Wolverine Director.

Fox is still looking to replace Arnofsky on The Wolverine after his departure. Though it's said that filming will be awhile before going forward because of the disaster in Japan, this may be a film that could help bring some much needed income to Japan in the wake of the disaster.

That very reason is probably why they are determined to film in Japan instead of switching to the moderately cheaper and easier New Zealand filming locations that many Japanese productions use themselves.

Anyway, Variety is reporting that Fox has narrowed it down to 8 candidates.

Jose Padilha
Doug Liman
Antoine Fuqua
Mark Romanek
Justin Lin
Gavin O’Connor
James Mangold
Gary Shore

One of which, Gary Shore, has even thrown together a spec trailer.

Wolverine Vs The Hand from Gary Shore on Vimeo.

So who do you think out of the list is the best choice?

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  1. I wonder if they use the hand, if that counts as Daredevil material or not.

    If so, does bringing them in make it easier to bring daredevil into the X-Men franchise universe film-wise? I wonder if they just might use X-23 for that as a brazen one come 2013. That'd rock. 10 years from her creation, an origin feature closely told off the Legendary origin miniseries that uses Daredevil even!