Thursday, January 27, 2011

X-23 v3 Issue 4 - Review (Soft Spoilers)

Released December 29, 2010

This issue was released last month, and in the thick of everything going on lately, I just didn't really have the time to review it. This by no means reflects the issue itself. Here, we had several snow storms, tornadoes, and more, so it was a well-warranted no time excuse.

Anyway, on to the review!

This issue has Laura hitting the road, and right off the bat we're given a scene where another's perceptions of her traveling is thrust upon her. It's an interesting notion as others seem to always be casting decisions of what they think they see onto Laura. What makes this interesting though is later that same perception issue crops up from Laura herself in using the available details to cast judgement on another girl. The entire issue is a great reminder that things are never what they seem. It also continues another trend that I'm starting to really dig. That of X-23 being the killer of anyone who harms children. Whether they be pedophiles, users, abusers, or pimps. A notion that harkens back to her roots as well. All in all, these 22 pages show some interesting potential, and leave off on a cliffhanger that makes you wonder just what the hell Miss Sinister is talking about. As any good cliffhanger should, it leaves you wondering just where this may go, or if Miss Sinister is just twisting facts to her own advantage as any villian normally would.

The issue feels short, ending just as it really gets going, but that's not a complaint aimed at Marjorie Liu for bringing this great issue forward, more aimed at the comics industry in general as of late. The art carries the issue quite well, and is the same as the other 3 released so far. Overall, the main feeling I got from the issue was how much it felt like a TV show pitch issue. It evokes a feeling borderline similiar to Hard Candy or Dexter but as a series that continually makes you think about the nature of the character, and just how much anyone who uses others to their whims is a pimp of sorts. Albeit this isn't a new notion, but it does harken back to the very essence of the issue about perceptions.

5 Claws out of 6

The reason? There's nothing wrong with the issue, and it does its job as entertainment, even creating moments where you can do nothing more than cheer. It didn't get a perfect score, as the issue is over just as you really get hooked, nor does it really present anything new. It does however use what's not new in quite a fun fashion. The comic itself has clear moments of shock and awe alongside some depressing moments that make it feel rather gritty, even disturbing, but this is a character where you should have come to expect this from. Now, off to buy issue 5 to review that one too, and see where this cliffhanger goes.

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