Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper Cuts Update

I just thought I'd clarify a few things real quick.

Tabitha isn't an artist. (She's a spoiled brat, but that's another matter entirely...) She's the writer of Paper Cuts. Callie will be the normal artist. Me? Well I've only done one released strip, the one with the Snowflake. Well, technicly two if you count the stall strip. They handle the rest. Paper Cuts is going to be The Misadventures of Callie and Tabby. The reason it has the name Paper Cuts will be explained in one of the future strips as well as why they are under that clover symbol with three objects in it. This is why they aren't under my Deviant Art account. They aren't always mine to do that with.

This first one is part of a 3 month gag Tabitha wanted to do. She's also yelling at me for messing up her genius about drawing comics is hard, and having the strip look like it wasn't drawn very well. (Like I said, spoiled brat...)

Since her two are done, Callie said she's handling the art on the next one. I guess they finally reached a compromise on things. (I say two, because Tabitha also did the November preview strip. Callie called her out on it.)

They just wanted to make sure I told everyone this, as before I was leaving their names as only the characters for their own protection. Callie also said she's refusing to make gumbo ever again since I referenced it. (Yay! Err, crap, forgot she reads here.)

And no, in real life, I don't treat them with the amount of disdain I aimed at that strip. Tabby asked for that deliberately and willingly so she can take open pot shots at me in later on strips. Which I agreed to. Keep in mind I get to read her scripts for the strip months in advance, and if I didn't want it on this blog, I wouldn't upload it. No, I'm not related to them or 'involved' with either of them, and yes they are sisters in real life as well as in the strip. Someday, if they give me the okay, I'll upload a comparison shot of their final designs to their real life counterparts.

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