Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spotlight - Other Marvel Titles Worth Checking Out

While typically this blog only focuses on X-23 with any other comic not affiliated considered outside our purview. I did want to take the time to point out two very interesting, even piquant comics released recently that are worth checking out.

First up, Avengers Academy Issue 8.
This issue is a very powerful issue that raises many valid points about what being a hero is, and what life can do to people. A brief write up here can definitely not do it justice. This issue is one that speaks very powerfully on topics that are hard for many to vocalize. I highly recommend it. It's one of those issues many might call an after school special, but what it speaks is true. It delves into issues of abuse, rape, and the rammifications of it. It goes so far as to cover psychological trauma imposed by duty to one's country and what it means to be a hero, even what true strength is. The only thing this issue felt like it was lacking, with as powerful of a message as it carried, was a page or two listing places for anyone afflicted with similiar somewhere to reach out to and get help themselves.

Next up, Wolverine and Jubilee Issue 1.
This comic picks up where Mutants vs Vampires left off. This issue also receives high praise from me for how well it's handled, and how it talks about addiction and circumstance. It raises many questions about whether or not this could far later reflect on the X-23 ongoing as Wolverine has become Jubilee's caretaker. It furthers the adopted daughter link with Jubilee that could instill jealousy within Logan's blood relatives so to speak. Something only lightly touched on in the X-23 oneshot.

Both of these comics are well worth checking out if you have the available funds.

Also, gotta love that big green teddy bear known as the Hulk.
I know it's quite selfish to say this, but I got a huge kick out of him yelling about snow making him mad in issue 621 of Incredible Hulk. Well it wasn't this Snow personally, but it was still a funny 'sound bite' if you will. =D

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