Monday, January 24, 2011

Girls on Film: A Cinematical Feature

Cinematical has been running a regular feature called Girls on Film. A segment that I quite enjoy reading every Monday when it goes up. It brings up many valid points about the industry and current standards as well as the many pitfalls some of it represents.

Today's especially has caught my attention though to mention here. Today it brought up the point about perceptions, and the lack of female gender roles in films and how it affects the maturation of youth. While this article tends to focus on children, I think the points it makes also proves true well into the teens. A person's youth may be the formative years for taste and heroes, but it can be those teenage years that really helps make them strive to attain individual goals. The segment also goes in depth to talk about the mentalities that plague Hollywood, and how these stereotypes are hindering young girls from becoming the talented independant women they could be. You can check it out over at Moviefone(new owners of Cinematical, just easier to refer to the original name as opposed to the new). Trying to reiterate her point here would be a great disservice to the authorial intent, and should just be read as intended.

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