Thursday, May 10, 2012

Preview: Avengers Academy Issue 30

Avengers Academy issue 30 goes on sale May 16th, 2012.  CBR has the preview up.

Looks promising as this issue seems as if it'll dive into X-23's feeling on the subject as they deal with the problem of Shaw's escape.  Lots of classic throwbacks within these few pages, and I'm getting a kick out of Shaw in the sewer which seems like an homage to Wolverine's sewer rampage to get into the Hellfire Club only with everything reversed.  We also get to see the Avengers Academy student techie get some panel time.  It's been so long, I forgot they even had one.  Though they could always do with another.  Never have too many smart tech savy kids as Future Foundation shows.


  1. Just finished reading it. Badly written. And it turned out as I feared. Laura was made to choose the X-mens side. Sure. They gave it another twist other then joining 'her' people. Though the issue started out that way. But it's still the same outcome mutant clone joins mutants. Such a shame. I'd realy like to put these writers into a rear naked choke right about now.

  2. This could also mean that this is a setup to pull her from Avengers Academy again once Avengers vs X-Men is over. A rear naked choke is to good for these writers. A full on suplex is what they deserve.

  3. It's not quite that simple as choosing a side. She didn't really choose a side at all to be honest. She chose an ideal. That ideal being that restricting any kind of free choice(barring those that harm others) even to protect someone is wrong. Now with the problem of Shaw coming up, that ideal will be put to the test, but overall it wasn't her choosing X-Men over her new teammates, it was about her choosing what she felt was right. In the end she didn't pick either side really. She chose what's in line with her personal history and recent self-discovery journey. I doubt she'll be leaving AA anytime soon. Too many of them respect her opinions and guidance. Some even borderline turn to her for leadership.

    Finesse put it best in explaining it as the entire question of which side for AvX. Her entire explanation of faith vs history. Something that boils down to being a personal choice, and not a choice that can be forced onto others.