Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cloaked Mystery Woman Theories - Round 2!

Okay, well first off I want to apologize for this.  I've been taking notes on what I wanted to say here for awhile, and then putting it off.  I made more notes and went back over some issues.  All around it's a pretty scattered mess with no coherency, but I've got a vacation coming up in June so I need this to go forward now rather than later since I don't have anyone that can fill the dead time with material while I'm gone (the other contributor for here is preoccuppied until late August or early September).  For a vacation this couldn't be worse timing, but I really need it too.  My other projects besides here are taking a step back so I can come back fresh to everything.  Sometimes in life you just need that mental sabatical.  Originally that vacation was going to lead to more material for here, including retracing half of Laura's bus trip from San Francisco to New York as depicted in Target X.  Instead, now it's a genuine real vacation so I can remember what I'm working towards in my own life and just have good times with friends that have long since scattered to the four corners of the world.

So anyway, with all that said, I may as well get this one out of the way since it's the easiest to cover out of everything that needs to go up before that week.

So who is this mystery woman?
Well that's a hard question to answer outright since we honestly don't know.  It was never answered in the ongoing comic.  Sadly the comic was canceled before it could answer that question.  We have been left with some hints though.  If you add in the interview remarks about who it isn't, that helps narrow down the possibilities.

What do we know?
Since she first appeared in issue 9 of X-23's ongoing comic, it has been suggested she potentially is in league with those that were financially backing the Facility and those who are trying to start Weapon X up again.  We know it's not Kimura, and it is someone that's tied solely to X-23.  More accurately, she's someone tied to X-23's future.  So to be blunt, everything here is conjecture and assumptions based around what would work with what we do know.

Based on her speech patterns, and note she left for X-23, we do know one interesting thing.
She has the same speaking pattern as Laura occasionally.  That being the lack of contractions.  Though in the two pages from her first appearance, she did use them.

The note she left reads:
Please accept this token of my appreciation, Laura. After all, without you, this weapon would not have been possible. In addition to the money, I offer you something far more valuable: A name. Alex Cimini.  Years ago you were sent to kill his family, but you resisted your conditioning, and left him alive. Perhaps you should find out why.
This note is what led the story to the Chaos Theory arc.  A story that revealed what the "soul mark" on Laura's hand is from.  It's a remnant of the Uni-power or Enigma Force.  A power that has its own will and motives.  Something that called Laura its "chosen vessel."  A vessel for what we've been led to believe is a sword, a weapon.

This is rather interesting as the letter also gives reference to a weapon, leaving the reader to assume it's the newly created Triggerscent that works on everyone.  What if that's not the weapon referenced?  What if it was a hidden self-reference by the one who wrote the note?

This does fit to what else she had said.

But when will that meeting happen?
As mentioned above, we potentially know she's tied to the financers of the Facility that created Laura.  We were led to believe this in issue 9 of the ongoing during Colision, the mystery woman's first appearance.  We've also been told she was working with Colcord on recreating Weapon X, potentially for years.

These raise even more questions.  Just how does she know?  Okay, well maybe that one is obvious since this is Laura we're talking about.  Nothing has been able to stop her from accomplishing a mission before.  Why would that change?

This is potentially where the vial of blood for the Circle of Four clones may have come from too.  Did she sell one off for an influx of cash with whatever her plans are?  Possibly.

The only other information we really have, is what was in the "Previously..." box for issue 13 of the ongoing.

This woman claimed to represent Laura's future, but what does that mean?
Is it literal, or is she simply messing with Laura's head like Kimura loves to? 

Every appearance leads to more questions from this leftover story remnant of the ongoing.  Who is she?
Is she literally Laura from the future trying to make sure she will exist?  Is she an older additional experiment from the Facility financers that was outside the Facility's view?  Is she that remnant of the Uni-power given flesh but turned dark?  Is she the only woman that could be a match for Laura's strategic prowess? 

I have no clear answers since it was never told in the comic.  The story could go many directions, but she does have a rather uncanny resemblence to the cloaked Laura we saw briefly in Collision when X-23 met Daken for the second time.

Does that mean something?
Is it possible that Laura in the future forcefully removes the soul mark?  An act that could manifest itself into a new being with all of Laura's memories but with a will of her own?  That's one possibility.  Which could explain the lack of claws, and potentially even the lack of the full uni-power.  It'd also explain why she would send Laura to Alex.  An act that set it all in motion with awakening the full power inside Laura, but has ulterior motives that may not be altogether altruistic.  If Laura did remove her hand at the wrist above where her claws store, she would just grow a new hand like she did her full arm in X-Force.  This also explains why she reattached her arm during Chaos Theory, as the cut was below where her claws are stored.  It'd also explain why this woman knows so much, but just how far back in Laura's history was she sent, and how?  Was that also from the last of the Uni-Power left in Laura's soul-mark after this theoretical incident?  If it is this, I'd half expect her name to be Sarah after Laura's mother, but using Sarah and Debbie Kinney's mother's maiden name as a refusal to take the last name of the man who abused Laura's mother(their father sexually assaulted Sarah as a child).  It'd also explain how this woman stays one step ahead of Laura, and would make for a concept of her playing chess against herself.  Afterall, who is the best opponent for someone who never loses at chess? 

If she's not that.  Then what is she?  How does she know all of Laura's innermost thoughts and history?  Is she working with the telepathic parasitic pervert that's constantly assaulting Laura's mind?  Is she an agent for the financers that are trying to harness the Weapon X project anew?  Was she thanking Laura for helping them perfect this new triggerscent, or was the weapon she refered to a thank you for her own future creation?

More questions, no answers.
All we do know for certain is that this may not be the last we see of her and that somehow it is all connected.  When next they meet, we may finally get answers.  Whether when they meet next is this woman's creation or simply her revealing who she is to Laura, has yet to be seen.  Hopefully Marvel someday allows Marjorie Liu to pen that revelation.  The best timing for which with marketing would be next year.  Anytime between August 2013, which is X-23's ten year anniversary, to October 2013.  The month and year when October 23rd falls on a Wednesday and is literally X-23 twice over. 10-23 being the breakdown of the roman numeral X to 10, and 2013 being an anagram of 1023.  As it is, it seems we're one pixel short of a full resolution on this story remnant.


  1. Reading this I remembered something from an old Spiderman story. In this story Electro knew Spidey's secret identity. He told Peter Parker about a secret cabal inside the US government who has existed since the end of WWII when costumed heroes first appeared and started tackeling crime. They viewed the heroes as a threat since all of them where as corrupt as they could be and made lot's of money from organised crime. So they created the first villains, at first they were ex-military later real villains started to show up by themselves, to counter the heroes and prevent them from looking to closely into the ties between crime and government. According to Electro the Bush and Clinton administrations shut down the government sponsored supervillain programs. But what if they didn't? The mystery woman could be working for this cabal. And the weapon X program, it's not realy an X but the roman numeral 10. Captain America being Weapon I. She could also be working for them. Doing what they always did, create bio weopons. Be it for profit or some kind of cause. The weapon programs where created to counter mutants by this sentient bacteria thingy. Anyway, I like that better then some weird future/time travelling something. She could also be working for Advanced Idea Mechanics. They did afterall try to harness the Uni Power and she was a host. And Laura is probably easier to get to then Sue Richards or Spiderman.

    1. It's probably connected to that somehow too, but there are some definitely weirder aspects to this character about what she knows and where she's pushed Laura to go.

      It's mildly weird though overall. The facility had shadowy financers, but they also needed to steal the initial Wolverine DNA sample to begin with, and this woman is older than Laura by a good 5-10 years or so. In Marvel though, really anything is possible. I'd just prefer they move away from the weapon plus program as those stories have been told to death and a fresh take would be nice.

    2. Agreed that the whole weapon plus has been done to death. But so have timetravel and mystical stuff. I just hope they come up with something truly new or at least interesting.

    3. The mystical in some areas does need to be expanded, but I don't know if Marvel has the right staff for that. Their previous attempt on omnipresence was a bit lacking. It was a nice attempt, but they didn't quite grasp what they were going for it seemed.

      I tend to favor the abstracts though, but that's just me. All around it really depends on how it's handled I guess. Anything can be fresh and new if it's handled right, but some writers should stick to what they know until they are ready to handle the bigger concepts. I'm curious how Liu would have handled this character though. Whether it would have been her take on weapon plus, or her take on abstract concepts. Either way, I'm unfamiliar with her style on those concepts and would have liked to see where she would have taken it.

  2. Mmmee...Laura and Logan, Cap, Wade etc... are products of science. Earth science and not some weird ass alien angle either. I don't see much room for mystical stuff. For them I like corrupt politicians (is there any other kind? :D), criminals and terrorists.

    1. Fantomex, and more too. Laura is a shade unique though in her exposure to the uni-power while it was fragmented which according the ongoing has left some after effects. The same could be true for the others it attached to while fragmented, but she was the literal sword that helped free it.

      Not saying the mystical has anything to do with her creation, just that the abstract concepts could have a way to expand areas of her. It's also metaphorical though to politicians really. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. What's more powerful than the uni-power? Laura herself seems to be beyond that though, she simply is. That's one of the reasons why I lean abstracts for the mystery woman. Not that she had a hand in creating Laura, just that she had a hand in directing Laura now for her own reasons.