Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CBR Interviews Liu over Astonishing X-Men

Fans were able to send in questions to Marjorie Liu about Astonishing X-Men and other topics recently. CBR has the interview up.

Among these questions came some constant praise for X-23's comic, and a few details about what could have been. Stuff about potential future stories like a Vegas trip with the NYX crew, and Black Widow training Laura to be more than a warrior/assassin.

Also some minor tidbits about the Mystery Cloaked Woman came up. No real answers came to light about this woman, but we do know now that she's a very X-23 centric villian and potentially won't be appearing in anything that's not Laura related. This seems quite fitting with who she has been alluded to be. In this humble blogger's opinion from everything we know this suggests she is a fellow chessmaster of life who, like Laura, never loses. Someone who knows Laura better than herself, and not in a "I've read her file" type way.

Again much praise goes out to Marjorie Liu for her work on X-23.  It's a sad day that the comic is no longer with us, but we here at KP are ever hopeful that the future could bring more.  Especially with X-23's 10 year anniversary coming up next year.

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