Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Marvel Cares

We as fans always tend to get caught up in the stories, the characters, how Marvel treats fans, and insult Marvel's staff.  I'll admit I'm guilty of it myself at times.  Sometimes a story comes along that just makes you smile about them though.

Today is one of those days when this story popped up.  It's well worth the read.  While I'm not fond of the idea of using something like this as a marketing point to praise a company on, it is worth reading and acknowledging that this truly is the heart of Marvel.  It doesn't matter how big they get, who buys them, or even how heartless we may think CEOs are.  Things like this continue to prove what makes a company great will always be the people behind it.

So my hat is off to you Marvel.  Today, among other times, you have made me proud to be a fan.  A company that knows when to speak to help others in the same situations, and a company that knows how to help others silently when they need to.  It's these kinds of personal touches that truly sets Marvel apart from other companies out in the world.

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