Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Section: Wallpapers and Icons

As some of you may have already noticed, there's a new section on the nav bar.  The Icons and Wallpapers section has been added. It's not complete yet as many of them are still being made and some resolution adjustments. The icons and various avatars haven't been added yet as graphics are still being edited down for the various chat apps, forum regulations, and other various usages.

Also coming soon will be a massive update to the covers section, Merchandise section, among others.  Some other posts are also still in the works as promised, but some are taking longer than others due to the volume they entail (the full recap of issues 1-21 of the ongoing for example).  One post in particular is taking a lot more time than anticipated because of finding the best way to approach explaining my current running theory on the Cloaked Mystery Woman.  A character I want to just start referencing as Rem, since she's a leftover Remnant that the ongoing didn't get a chance to wrap up or officially name among other reasons.  A character that could have a lot of interesting details interwoven in, especially if her real name is something like Sarah and then the last name is whatever Dr Kinney and Debra Kinney's mom's maiden name was.  Reasonings will be explained in that entry, so just consider this a brief teaser of what's to come.

Enjoy the Wallpapers.  I'll also be working out a fan submission method for those that want to contribute to it.  Eventually will do the same for all sections for those that want to help contribute.

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