Tuesday, August 23, 2011

X-23 Re-inforcements article on Marvel.com

Again, thanks to commentor arvelous for the heads up.

Marvel has given a brief article on X-23's upcoming Future Foundation arcs over on Marvel.com.

This article just further brings the point across that Marjorie Liu has fully hit her stride on the title and the understanding of the character and psychology associated.  It even brings up a point that I'm surprised never even crossed my mind.  That being X-23's exposure to Susan Richards.  One of Marvel's most powerful and longstanding women in their character library.  An independant woman turned wife, mother, leader, and an amazing scientist in her own right that's experienced so much in life herself. Someone that might remind Laura of her own mother in many ways.

This just makes me all the more impatient for future issues as this title just keeps getting better and better.  The world commentary, the universal truths of being a woman(or so I've been told at least on that one), and all around just the sublte usage of psychology without being overabundant yet being relatable and conveyed in terms anyone can understand.  All of it is just perfection in these past couple of issues.  There might be a few questionable spots, but with a major arc expanding throughout these stories, what's to say there wasn't a reason for that to be revealed later?

Now with this past issue and future issues she's going into fear itself... Sorry couldn't resist the pun, but in all seriousness Ms. Liu has a firm grasp of the controlling nature of fear and how it can weigh on someone's soul and actions no matter their status in life.  Something again more subtle, but carries far more weight than a comic war or invasion ever could in how easily relatable it is for everyone.  Even if it's as simple as being afraid of how a person from your past might react to what you have to say or ask.

Thanks again arvelous!  It's a great read, and KP probably would have missed it without your help!

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