Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reminder: X-23 v3 Issue 13

Just a heads up.

X-23 v3 Issue 13 hits comic shops tomorrow.

This will be the start of X-23's introduction to the Future Foundation. Sure she's met Spider-Man before, but how will Reed, Sue, Ben, Franklin, and Valeria react to her? For that matter, Dr. Doom as well.

Be there to find out! Pick up the issue tomorrow!


  1. HEY! Majorie Liu is taking questions for 30 minutes on twitter and facebook!

  2. I've got nothing to ask her, but I wish I knew that sooner to put up as an entry for others that may be interested. Thanks for the update. =D

    She's an awesome person always willing to talk to fans, and kind enough to do interviews with whomever is interested. I've just personally decided to take a stance against interviews with anyone for the time being for a wide variety of reasons.

    If there is anything of interest, please feel free to comment it. Or if you feel like writing up a collection of her responses you can e-mail it to snowflakian@yahoo.com and I'll gladly give you the full credit/writers credit for it(Please include how you would want to be credited, screen name, etc). If you have your own blog where you want to put it up, I'll happily direct traffic to that. Just typically I prefer letting the work speak for itself as all the information should be contained therein for the reader who may not be as internet or digital communications savy.

  3. Darn me for watching Chloe King, and blogspot decided to delete my other comment it looks like on my end.

    Well anyway, thank you again for the heads up. If you have anything you want to add about it, you can email it at the link at the bottom of the page where you will get full credit(under whatever name you so choose to use whether real or S/N etc) or if you have a blog of your own where you want to up it, I'll happily direct traffic to there for it.

  4. The comment it deleted was my saying that Marjorie Liu is a fantastic amazing person who always has time for fans, and is willing to do interviews with others no matter the pedigree or 'counter' size of the outlet.

    I've just personally, for now at least, decided to take a stance against interviews with anyone. I feel the work speaks enough for itself, and should have enough information therein for the not so internet/digital communications savy audience.
    Plus I've got nothing to ask her anyway. If she does say anything interesting, please feel free to comment it here, or if you want to do a write up on everything she was asked, the above mentioned credit or links to your own blog for traffic will be graciously given.

    I'm sure I could probably dig through both, but it's getting late, and I'm getting tired and feel lazy. xD If I was paying attention sooner, I would have gladly put it up for all to see if they weren't already aware of it. Mucho gracias again for the heads up about it.

  5. Well, no problem by me. I may not be the most grammar correct person. But, let me try.

    Ms. Liu recently gave an 30 minute Q&A (yesterday) to celebrate her book coming out today. With all the fans she had we really got a look into what may be the future of X-23.

    First confirmed future arc.. " FF. Spider-Man. Hellion. Dragons. " (http://twitter.com/#!/marjoriemliu/status/98555939128487936)

    Phil Noto will be doing issues 13-16.

    Deconfirmed issues in X-23 is up next.
    First there is no X-23 and Spider-man date.

    There will be no Death Gambit bit.

    Kimura as the hooded woman is deconfirmed as well.

    What lies next is what may be the future of X-23.

    Laura to meet other Marvel groups?

    More future appearance of favorites Jubilee, Wolverine, and Gambit.

    Confrontation with Surge in the future?

    More Happy Fun times with Jubilee and Laura confirmed (yay).

    The villian from X-23's women of marvel. Will return as well.

    Appearances from Cecilia Reyes

    The last part is things that she may like to see in the future.

    Hope, Psylocke, and Lyra in the future?
    http://twitter.com/#!/marjoriemliu/status/98558728600686592 (Hope)
    http://twitter.com/#!/marjoriemliu/status/98558169818734592 (Psylocke)
    http://twitter.com/#!/marjoriemliu/status/98556175288774656 (Lyra)

    Daken in the future? Just maybe..

    Well there are more posts about her writing and more just generally fun stuff on her twitter. You may just forget that she is a novelist and just not an comic book writer. So she may get you into a novel or two you may enjoy. You can see her on
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/marjoriemliu
    blog: http://marjoriemliu.com/blog/

  6. Thanks again, and gave you credit and your own entry for it.