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Should KP Make A More Thorough X-23 Character Dossier?

Should KP throw together a more thorough character dossier about X-23's growth through these storylines to her current presentation or do you feel this is just something better left forgotten solely to focus on Marjorie Liu's comic run? Personally I feel there shouldn't be a distinction. It should all factor into who X-23 is and her past. From Innocence Lost, Target X, NYX, Academy X, the ongoing, and every other comic story she's used in. Including her initial 'feral' behaviour towards the X-Men until Logan calls her on it.

In fact, that's the one thing Alt-Tab and I can agree on now. Marjorie Liu is taking all the stories and using them to emphasize the character growth. She even includes random nods to these stories throughout. Including nods to Target X with Wolverine and X-23 at the same San Francisco amusement park Laura visited with Megan before she met Logan.

The client's back scars from X-23.

I do feel there are some outlying aspects of X-23's appearance in NYX that leave many questions with how it's depicted. They leave much story potential open with how the art depicts what X-23 has been doing while under Zebra Daddy. That being the writer mostly refers to her being a prostitute for weirdos who like pain, never strictly mention if she's sleeping with these Johns, and showing with the art the spots she's marked one up in relative locations that would suggest it was impossible that she slept with the one John we are shown. All the claw marks are on his back, a nod to how fingernails can leave marks during passionate embraces, but X-23's claws aren't fingers. They don't bend, and wrists don't bend that far for her claws to have done it while the client is facing her. Ergo he couldn't have had actual intercourse with her when the marks were made. It's physically and anatomically impossible. If you still aren't sure, hug someone and see for yourself in relation to where the marks are and how your own wrist and elbow bends. You don't need to have sex to prove or disprove this as some fans may use as an excuse to belittle others. Though if that's the case and they are pro-penetration while trying to insult you in this debate, they are revealing their own lack of experience in what they are saying. This doesn't deny other forms of sex though, just the act of penetration itself during when he was marked up. Typically speakng, a person who gets off on pain, would need the cutting to be before and during the act itself. There are also those of fetishes that solely get off on the pain without any form of penetration. The normal position for such a fetish would be for him to lie down on his stomach with the person to do the harm stradling his rear or legs. Yeah that was fun to look up, I'm going to have to set my internet history on fire now as well as my eyes because there's not enough bleach in the world. Either way though, this adds a layer of sexual abuse on top of the already there emotional, physical, and verbal abuse Laura has been through(and why I think any form of moving visual medium she stars in besides motion comics should donate to similiar victim charities).

X-23's not a clone?
Ms. Liu has picked up on these nuances before. Most notably mentioned in the third issue where she states that Dr. Kinney used a part of herself to help give birth to X-23 as well as being a live birth. An idea that most audiences overlook, but it is there in the dialogue of the origin issues as well as the inventory practices of high-financed labs. Something every wiki tends to ignore, even Marvel themselves. The story itself in Innocence Lost outright says X-23 is a genetic twin of Wolverine, not really a clone, but Xander Rice continually calls Laura a clone to demean her and make her think she's subhuman since a clone was the original intended target creation. Something Marjorie Liu picked up and ran with in issue 3 of the ongoing. Laura doesn't know the distinction, only what she was called when they raised her. Also made note of in this issue, is that thanks to the files, and letter from her mother, and her own high IQ, that she is aware of how she was created, just not of that subtle difference. Essentially it's a self-image issue. She knows how she was created, but she's also been called a clone all her life and treated as less than human. ("All intents and purposes" suggests there are more DNA differences from how X-23 was created besides even just the genetic twin remark.  Which would explain the hair similiarity and eye similiarity to Dr. Sarah Kinney.)

It's these things that make X-23's history and mentalities quite complex moreso than most fans can understand. It's also what leaves X-23 with so much introspective story potential. This is why I feel KP should do a character dossier and go over all these appearances and usages. Even the smallest details all factor into the character and seem to contribute to the ongoing's characterization whether we like the story or not.

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