Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Marjorie Liu Spends Time with Fans on Twitter and Facebook

Thanks to commentor Arvelous for the heads up and follow up.

As provided by Arvelous

Ms. Liu recently gave an 30 minute Q&A (yesterday) to celebrate her book coming out today. With all the fans she had we really got a look into what may be the future of X-23.

First confirmed future arc.. " FF. Spider-Man. Hellion. Dragons. " (!/marjoriemliu/status/98555939128487936)

Phil Noto will be doing issues 13-16.!/marjoriemliu/status/98552929753112576

Deconfirmed issues in X-23 is up next.
First there is no X-23 and Spider-man date.!/marjoriemliu/status/98554323495165953

There will be no Death Gambit bit.!/marjoriemliu/status/98558864278040576

Kimura as the hooded woman is deconfirmed as well.!/marjoriemliu/status/98557744663109632

What lies next is what may be the future of X-23.

Laura to meet other Marvel groups?!/marjoriemliu/status/98554067961389057

More future appearance of favorites Jubilee, Wolverine, and Gambit.!/marjoriemliu/status/98555039056011265

Confrontation with Surge in the future?!/marjoriemliu/status/98555523410042880

More Happy Fun times with Jubilee and Laura confirmed (yay).!/marjoriemliu/status/98556025120112641

The villian from X-23's women of marvel. Will return as well.!/marjoriemliu/status/98570231286468608

Appearances from Cecilia Reyes!/marjoriemliu/status/98553898272436224

The last part is things that she may like to see in the future.

Hope, Psylocke, and Lyra in the future?

Daken in the future? Just maybe..!/marjoriemliu/status/98553265708482561

Well there are more posts about her writing and more just generally fun stuff on her twitter. You may just forget that she is a novelist and just not a comic book writer. So she may get you into a novel or two you may enjoy. You can see her on

Thank you Marjorie Liu for taking your time with the fans. It is always very much appreciated. A big thanks goes out to Arvelous too for the heads up, and follow up report.

Arvelous is correct too. Marjorie Liu is a novelist, not just a comic writer. While this blog may only focus on the comic end since she's writing X-23 currently, she also has many novels in book stores too. She's most commonly known for her Dirk & Steele series, but she's also included in the Huntress anthology novel, and has another called the Hunter Kiss series. I rarely speak about her books as I haven't as yet read them, so I am by no means an authority on the subject at all.

Personally, count me excited for more Jubilee and Laura stories. I can't wait for those. Everything else looks about on par with what to expect from an established capable serial writer.

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