Monday, August 1, 2011

MvC3: X-23 Help

If you've been playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, but aren't sure how to use X-23 and those brief comedic overviews didn't help, there's a youtube channel just for you.

Youtube user DevilJin01 has many visual guides and demos to help you out.

Covering all the techniques from anti-air, to even just how to get in close on certain characters. These videos can really up your game to new heights. They cover all sorts of topics for her usage including the priority moves.

Check them out, try some of his pointers. Surprise your friends with how adept you're becoming. Learn how to take out Phoenix in one combo. All this and more can be learned from these videos.


  1. Hey, what system do you play MVC3 on?
    If you do play.

  2. None yet, will be 360. I'm holding out for UMvC3. I kind of suspected it would be coming with Capcom's history of re-releases.

  3. I'm not pro-xbox, or pro-PS3. I like both for different things. I prefer 360 for online games, as I favor the XBox live service and stability, but PS3 has its perks too. Generally I go by a game by game basis for each, and wait until a final comparison video is released before I make that call. I tend to stick to 360 for FPS and Fighting games though unless the graphical difference and stability of the game is just that much in Playstation 3's favor.

  4. Ah, nice thinking ahead. Snowflakian.

  5. Well, I grew up with Capcom and their numerous Street Fighter titles. From the various versions of 2, all the way up to what was it? Like 6 versions of SF alpha 3? So while others think of this as modern capcom spitting in fans' faces. I think of it as no different than what they've done with the street fighter franchise. With a decade of waiting for this title, the demand was so high, I'd almost expect them to do a 3rd remake yet still, but I can't fight wanting to play it any longer.