Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reminder: All-New X-Men Issue 21

All-New X-Men issue 21 hits comic shops tomorrow, January 15th.  It'll be picking up from where it last left off with the team captured by the Purifiers.  Be sure to check out the issue as it's sure to have quite a few twists and turns for Laura and could be what starts to fashion all to come with Bendis' usage of the character within the title.


  1. This issue made me want to hug Laura him to whisper to the ear that everything will be fine......
    A good issue in my opinion. It hurts that Brandon Peterson's art almost has ruined it (and with, the precious moment Laura x Scott).

    1. Yeah, that moment of her actually seeing what she's like on triggerscent to her face has never happened before. It really made the "I need a hug" moment work. The buildup of her character all these years in handling it on her own, and Arena being the one more straw that broke the camel's back is going to be interesting depending on how they handle it. If handled well, this could really start to become a turning point for her.

      There are some other concerns though that I'm worried about with the lack of her foot claw usage among other little details. Not sure. Full entry coming on this soon!