Sunday, January 5, 2014

Small Personal Update!

Normally I try to stay away from anything pertaining to my own current life happenings on here.  Sometimes I use years old life stories to help better fashion a point though I typically prefer running them by the person they deal with in question when I can first.

This one I'm only bringing up not because I want to use it as an excuse, in fact that's why I haven't mentioned it sooner, but to explain my long absences between entries.

My "step"- sister (though not really since her dad and my mother only dated, never married and there's more to that story itself than I'm comfortable talking about publicly, but is also the source of mild anxiety issues for me) has been staying where I live with her husband and 3 year old son until they get back up on their feet.  So most of my free time between trying to keep their son entertained (that's where the paper planes mention came from and heavy observations on child raising), dealing with my own rather odd life happenstances that I have no clue when are going to end, and updating here have been rather conflicting.

I do still plan on getting the X-23 videos done someday, but also currently I lack the funds for the parts needed to do that as hard drive space has gone below the point I can even do a simple anti-viral update.  There are still entries coming that still need research alongside overhauling the new tumblr site for KinneyPride.  I have managed to get the covers section up to date finally outside of the TPBs as yet(and still adding dates and credits to it all as well).

Things have been hectic and never seem to slow down right now.  Between various things in my own life that have sapped me to the point where I feel like I'm sleeping away too much of the day, or to the point the second I am around their son wants to play(You try turning down a 3-year old!  It breaks my heart every time I have to!) here has been falling to the wayside a bit.

My apologies for this, and I do not mean to use it as an excuse either.  I will try to find a way to use my time more wisely, and spread it out better across all my endeavors, but for now things may still move at a snails pace considering all that I'm trying to juggle and figure out still.

My deepest apologies go out to someone else too that has done nothing but try to support here and my other endeavors in any way she could, often even at her own expense.  During my own issues, I made the mistake of bothering her too often with selfishness not realizing she was dealing with her own heavy issues.  For that, I am truly sorry and I will eternally make it up to you if given the chance to make amends.  There is no excuse for it from me.  I owe you more than anyone else on this earth.

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