Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 Things About 2013 in Retrospect: Part 2

Continuing on from part 1, here is the next 5 top events of 2013 in retrospect!

5. NSA and Citizen Privacy

Edward Snowden broke the news story of the century with bringing NSA monitoring actions on its own citizens to light.  This is one that's still ongoing and is shaping discourses for the year to come.  His actions revealed much in how much our own privacy is revoked everyday.

4. The Wendy Davis Filibuster

When speaking of examples set and historic moments, one can't ignore the stance Wendy Davis of Texas did.  She didn't just sign a piece of paper, she stood to block abhorrent legislation the old school and right way.  This was a momentous landmark moment in history outright.  A woman for all to look towards and show that not all politicians would be lap dogs that go against the people's will.  Though they tried to overturn her epic stance and will of the people moment, she stood tall.  I cannot do it justice by simple words.  This is one you must google, and see for yourself.  She is a name that's going to rise far across politics, and not because she's paid to do the will of lobbyists, but because she actually stands for the will of the people and protecting their rights.

3. Roosterteeth with Monty Oum's RWBY

One of the true independent breakout hits of the previous year, this show had it all.  Great action, an interesting story, and fun situational comedy.  They've worked hard to develop a deep fantasy world rich in its own mythology and history.  The depth of care shows with both having life lessons deeply rooted into what the characters go through, and making each character come alive with their own personalities and heritages.  The show touches on many topics and does in an organic way that stays true to the world they've developed but is also applicable to real life scenarios.  Monty Oum and Roosterteeth are going to be something to keep an eye on as they continue to grow and reach new heights every year if RWBY is anything to go on.  Much love and praise goes out to the full talents and crew behind it as they've truly created a show unlike any other on the market.



On top of it all, it seems 2014 is already catching fire too for Marvel.  No only are they continuing on to bolster their amazing Marvel Now lineup and talents with new titles, but recently a manhole fire occurred near their building that caused them to evacuate.  Thankfully everyone is okay and accounted for from what's been reported.


  1. You're a fan of RWBY as well?! AWESOME!!

    1. I'm a fan of all Monty Oum's work. Also a Roosterteeth addict. So them teaming together? HEAVEN!