Sunday, January 5, 2014

Live Adaption of The Anime "Kite"

Thanks to a heads up via Bleeding Cool, a longer look at the upcoming feature film Kite is available.

It stars India Eisley and Samuel L. Jackson, and will possibly be reaching theaters sometime in 2014.

India Eisley is also one of the many fan wanted front runners for the role of X-23 if a live movie were to be made or have her appear.  She previously appeared in Underworld Awakening as Eve.  Between this film and that one, it's easy to see why she would be a fan front runner for the role alongside Saiorse Ronin for her portrayal in Hanna.

Kite is a rather complicated anime with heavy undertones and subtext that speaks to many ills of the world.  It's a story, albeit different, that shares many parallels with X-23's tale itself.  Be forewarned though, it is indeed a hyper violent anime, and includes many disturbing scenes.  The live movie looks to have kept much of the same material intact and action scenes, but may (indeed one would hope) cut out some of the more perverse material as unneeded and superfluous to the overall story other than ramping up the abuse the main protagonist has been through to  hyper-violent extremes.

Kite itself was originally an anime that was released directly to video.  Soon after it received a sequel series called Kite: Liberator that takes place ten years later and uses a different cast of characters.  Liberator was adapted to serialized manga.  The original Kite was not and did not start off as a graphic novel in any way, shape, or form.

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