Friday, March 2, 2012

Preview: Venom 14 and Avengers Academy 27

CBR has the previews up for comics that'll be hitting stands March 7th.

For X-23 fans, this includes the finale for Circle of Four in Venom issue 14, and the further adventures in Avengers Academy issue 27.

Avengers Academy will be doing a Runaways story until AvX. So it will be light on the X-23 front again. Potentially it could have Laura training with Black Widow. This may give Laura a chance to show her skills to Natasha, or this could be a chance for Natasha to show Laura how to channel her emotions better instead of letting them control her. It could prove interesting to have Black Widow help Laura channel that middle ground between emotionless tactical precision assassin that completes any objective and emotionally overreacting teenager with a complete disregard for her own well-being.

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