Thursday, March 8, 2012

Venom issue 14: Circle of Four - The Finale

Not much to really say about this issue on the X-23 front.

It came back full circle with how they defeated Blackheart(amping up his power deliberately just to use that against him was quite inspired). The art side was deliberately hell influenced. All around there's not much here to dislike as finales go, but on the X-23 front it didn't really feel like anything to crow about or complain about either. A sequel follow up has been left in play with how this ended. One that could prove interesting moreso than this story, but more on that later.

Coming up in a few days, I'll try to throw a post together going over it all. What was great, what felt like ideas introduced just to be tossed aside, and what made the story itself come full circle in the final two issues.

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