Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Astonishing X-Men Issue 48

So X-23's ongoing has come to a close for now, but the wheels keep spinning at Marvel and creators continue on to new titles. Marjorie Liu who scribed the X-23 ongoing has moved on to Astonishing X-Men and this is her first issue.

I hadn't planned on covering this at all since it's outside the character focus for here, but occasionally I do like to spotlight great comics anyway. That's exactly what this is if you're a Gambit fan, or a Northstar fan, among many others from the Jean Grey School. In particular though that made me want to bring this comic up and push it was a small injoke reference Marjorie Liu managed to work in with Gambit. Cecilia Reyes visits him and they talk about his need to get away from being role models for teenagers. During this entire scene the panels play up a reference to the X-23 ongoing with Gambit having a picture of him and X-23 which stops Cecelia mid-speech and makes her change the subject as the burgeoning realization of why Gambit does what he does and why it matters, why he goes back to help these kids day in and day out. It's quite a great comedic moment that gives fans of the X-23 ongoing a great throwback and tells them that run of comics mattered. That it won't be forgotten. It's a fantastic throwback to the Chaos Theory story arc in X-23's ongoing that besides the Future Foundation also featured Cecilia Reyes mending Gambit's wounds.

For now, from interviews we've heard, it seems that X-23 won't be making an appearance in Astonishing X-Men any time soon. One can always hold out hope we might see some future team-ups between Gambit and X-23 in the far future during one of X-23's roadtrips away from Avengers Academy.

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