Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Few Thoughts On Avengers Academy Issue 25

This issue had some great throw backs to old comics, but was really lacking on the X-23 side.

To sum it up, we really only get two quick blurbs. One of which was covered in the preview.

1. Hank Pym thinks X-23 heals slowly and hasn't full developed her powers.
This could be misdirection or simply Hank's lack of knowledge on Laura as yet. He has been rather preoccuppied with the other students, and has lacked sound judgement so far as the issue reflects in Jocasta's words.

2. Hank Pym has access to the X-Men database.
Again this brings into question above, but it also shows he rarely references it. There's also the question of how much if anything there is of X-23 in the database.

That's pretty much it for this light on X-23 read. It was a fun comic to read, but everything else, like future Finesse's similiarities to DC's Nightwing costume, is outside the purview of this blog.


  1. I just want to thank you as always for the spot on commentary.

    Point 1: This comment annoyed me as well as it just comes across as laziness from writers. If you are writing on any subject you should conduct due diligence and perform research; that includes writing in a fantasy world of comics (there are things that are accepted as fact). This is due to the fact that many of the people who may be reading your work; in this case comics are usually highly knowledgable about the subject matter. They will see through mistakes or errors made by the writer.
    In this particular case, adamantium is considered to be a highly toxic metal. It is explained very simply in X-23's origin comic by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost that data on her healing ability surpassed that of Wolverine's most likely due to his entire skeleton being fused with adamantium. This would stand to reason that Daken would heal even faster than either of them due to an abscence of poisonous metal in his body that the healing factor is continually offsetting.

    Point 2: This was something I alluded to about your thoughts in the previous Avengers Academey. I am no genius, but when admitting somebody new to your school(maybe especially one that deals with superpowered teenagers and adults) wouldn't you do a detailed background check? This is sort of halfway decently addressed by Jocasta.

    On a side subject; it looks like adamantium can cut yet another substance (Mettle's skin).

    As Avengers Academy moves forward and we won't see X-23 after issue #26 until #29. What do you see going forward with the character? Supposedly that time gap is going to be filled in with her training with Black Widow. This is rather off topic, but I am looking really forward to the Avengers v. X-Men event. The possibilities of which side X-23 takes are endless and the fact she could be the ultimate wild card for either side.

    Now Laura has grown a lot since her X-Force days; but she has no problems using lethal force when "SHE" deems it necessary. She takes orders very seriously, with her own safety not a concern compared to the mission. So depending on the side she is on she could be considered a game changer.

    Let's say she takes the Avenger's side, what would be the easiest way to end a protracted fight? Assasinate Cyclops (someone I don't think she would have many sleepless nights taking out anyway); now there is no way Captain America would authorize that. But looking at the probable Avengers lineup, I could see Red Hulk issuing a kill order; same with Black Widow, and definetely Wolverine.

    If she takes the X-Men's side, and really this is where I think she will end up. I certainly believe Cyclops would order her to take out Captain America; which would bring her full circle with Steve Rogers. Since he is ultimately responsible for releasing her back after Target X. This consequences and fall-out of this would be off the charts!

    Just my thoughts!

    1. Pretty much spot on.
      I don't think she's going to choose a side though really. The children might want to be divided, but the more they force that on her, the more I personally think she'll rebel to stand alone. She's really a character that's starting to come into her own and starting to choose and forge her own paths away from the labels of mutant or hero.

      I do have some concerns about her training with black widow, and I hope they are more meditative to help X-23 channel her emotions. X-23's operative training is on par if not better than Widow's. It's her emotions she needs to rein in as Circle of Four is putting on the forefront with her anger driven storyline.