Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A few thoughts on Avengers Academy Issue 26

It was a good read, and interesting. Very light on X-23 but what it did use was pretty dead on accurate so no complaints. There seems to still be an undertone of Hazmat's jealousy of X-23 with X-23 oblivious to it. There's a one panel allusion that Mettle might be developing a crush on X-23, but nothing really explored yet on that front.

Some of the lines of dialogue in this issue really stuck out to me. "When you think you're a hero, everyone else looks like a villian." It's a line that speaks directly to egos and how self-perception clouds actions and perspectives. Granted it came from what could very well be a villian, it's still a very valid point. When you self-proclaim you're something, you won't see the actions you do that harm others as bad from your own self-perceived infallibility. Hank Pym also had a follow up line against that though that was highly enlightening. "To be redeemed you have to take responsibility for what you've done. And you have to be sorry." A line that speaks directly to the heart of the above hero quote too. When you refuse to be wrong, refuse to be questioned, or feel the need to blame others for your own mistakes, you can't be redeemed because you'll always be making the same mistakes without remorse. These are both great lessons that should be more actively taught in this day and age. I'm grateful they made their way into this comic that's all about growth and maturing.

Overall a very interesting read, but not much to talk about on the X-23 front. So be sure to buy a copy yourself to see how it's all unfolding including the reveal of the future selves leader. This issue was a fantastic and deep read!

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