Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reminder: X-23 v3 Issue 17 Hits Stores Tomorrow!

Laura takes on her most difficult mission to date... Babysitting Valeria and Franklin Richards.  Be sure to pick up your copy tomorrow for what looks to be a fantasticly fun adventure from Marjorie Liu with art by Sana Takeda.  Looking for a good jumping on point for this comic?  This would be the issue for you as it starts X-23's new Misadventures in Babysitting arc!  So be sure to pick up your copy, and if you like it, get your friends to buy copies too!  Help send a message to Marvel that this comic is loved and wanted! 

At the very least they could let the final story arc that's been building run its course to reflect the action and complexity to the story!  It'd be a nice bone to throw the fans that stuck with the comic from the beginning, and those new fans jumping on at different points from just stellar issues like issue 7, the Touching Darkness arc, and this one looks to be.  It's been a slow build, but damn if the payout didn't look like it could have been too awesome for words.


  1. For some reason it doesn't feel the same... Being excited about the next issue. When this thing is heading are way...

  2. Yeah, but after reading this issue, I'm back to happy and sad. Sad it's ending but Holy wow was that an amazing issue and really shows what a mistake Marvel is making. I hope just from the sheer amazingness of the issue and this story Marvel reconsiders it. It really helps show why a feminine touch was needed on this comic for perspective with elements male writers would have missed. I think I'm just reelling too much from the awesome this issue was.

  3. OMG, this issue had me going OMG out loud at work. IT was just that great.

  4. I know right. Last week's comics felt like a chore to read and the event fatigue was really starting to settle in just making me tired of Marvel. Then this issue comes in and it's all back to wide eyed enjoyment! It was exactly the kind of issue I needed to break my event fatigue and remind me why I read comics.

  5. Yes!! this is so true. X-men is starting to feel like a chore to read... It's just I think in the right hands this story could be amazing. But, at the same time I don't want it to be cancelled. Also, Ghost rider cancelled.. It seems this Venom event may be linked to something.

  6. Yeah, so much for the .1, .2, .3, .4, being a smart move not to interupt the other titles. If this is the case it looks like the red hulk comic might be next.

    Which makes no sense why they're doing this with the few titles they have that are fun to read. Instead they are going to launch a new scarlet spider ongoing... Scarlet Spider originally being what almost killed the spider-man book in the 90s. At this rate all they'll have are the core heroes like Hulk, avengers, captain america, X-men, ironman, and wolverine besides the three ultimate books.

    I love ultimate spider-man, but Bendis is killing avengers for me to read it. I really can't stand what they've made Ms. Marvel's persona become. At this rate any other books I enjoy may get cut. =/

  7. I wonder if Disney is involved with this as well. I'm not sure. There are so many factors. I'm all honestly thinking about dropping all my major titles and going with just X-men Legacy and Avenger's Academy... X-23 was the flour in my cake. I DON"T HAVE CAKE ANYMORE. Waugh.. I feel as if every topic. Is going to lead back to how X-23 got cancelled...

  8. It's not Disney causing it directly. It's Isaac Perlmutter the CEO of Marvel causing it by gutting the company and forcing the EIC to cut down on books to meet his projections so Disney doesn't oust his ass from the CEO of Marvel position.

    Disney is pretty hands off. They want Marvel to be profitable, but mostly they are banking on the movie rights, tv shows, royalties(toys, statues, trades) and other stuff. They mostly just want marvel for the brand recognition and endless stories they can reinterpret for other mediums.

    The blame here falls squarely on Perlmutter(Marvel CEO) and Axel Alonso(current EIC) at Marvel.

    The problem is that current Marvel is short sighted even though they tend to tell longform stories. They've been using band-aids for years to hide it, but they need to start looking at long term goals to restructure what they are doing and stop with these band-aids that are just causing problems later. This includes axing books randomly like X-23 that are beginning to have an upswing in sales(which would be a longterm goal, since the title is starting to reflect potential sales growth to become a regularly well sold title, but we'll never know now with it cut short at the start of the upswing).

    Yeah, I've been thinking about it lately too. xD
    I've got a whole entry dedicated to this coming soon once I finish digging.

  9. Of course another problem is rising costs and lower readership rates. The economy just isn't that great for a readership that wants to wait. Though maybe if the penetrate the book marker, they might be able to make a bigger awareness and profit lines. Books themselves are starting to suffer right now so that leaves the moving visual mediums.

    Another problem is another CEO may not be as hands off or cut the budget even more. You have pros and cons with either side overall.