Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Light within the Darkness

In this past issue of X-23 we were given small signs of what's to come. One phrase specifically stuck out to me. The uni-power sword's "My chosen vessel" remark. It raises questions like "what seperates the sword from the others that have attempted to use X-23" and "does Laura see that fact yet or is her need to hold onto something greater than herself blinding her to this subtle manipulation?"

Personally, I'm leaning towards the fact this seems like a subtle manipulation that'll be built upon. Like others in her past, it seems like this being is attempting to use her for its own desires yet to be revealed. There is a subtle interwoven tone that the remnant within her of the uni-power was the star being that Laura may have misperceived as her own soul being full of stars. A misperception it could have easily preyed upon. There is a fact here that's still carried through to X-23 about her having a soul but done so in a manner the same as a manipulative person would use. It grants and speaks of choice, but pushes the choice it wants in doing so to lead to an outcome it desires.

This power of choice is X-23's true light within the darkness. Her choices and actions are defining who she is, but being full of stars and this true light are potentially two different things. The signs don't point to the stars as being a benevolent starlight, but rather something of a different kind of evil when not held in check. Surely this couldn't be X-23's own light within could it? The character seems to think so, but that's to be expected with the emotional struggles she has been entangled in all her life and her need to find something greater than herself to hold onto.

Of course all of this is dependant upon the mystery woman we saw before, and how she might be the personification of these "stars" in the future. That would assume that in many ways this mystery woman is X-23, or a reformed shard of this power given flesh and life. This means that for this woman to come into being she would have had to set X-23 on this course of action. She would have had to send X-23 to Alex which in turn would have sent her to that demon king for the power to fully manifest. The remnant within her and the woman outside of her are pushing for the same thing but may have different views of the outcome because of their perspectives. The mystery woman being after this potential struggle that gave her life, and the remnant pushing to use X-23 as its vessel for life. This creates an air of causality but with cosmic curveballs. It also starts to fill in why Laura was curious enough to follow the scent to the mystery woman. It was her own scent she recognized.

It shows X-23 she has a light within her, but it also hides itself behind claims of being that light. Laura does have a light within her with the power of choice as she's shown, but these stars and her true light may become at odds to one another in ways that'll bring something new to life that could have the memories of both. This would also nod back to Alice, but without the memory activation by death. It potentially unifies all the information we've been given through the comic.


  1. I love how everything is slowly untangling. Like the mark on her hand. Making it to seem like she lost it all. But, instead she gains it all with the light she gained. It's a really charming story so far. You're insight really makes it even more enjoyable. Like whipcream or something.

  2. Thank you. Right now I'm kind of concerned the comic might be rushing to a close though. Her addition to a team book, the changing to biweekly for her solo title among some other cues. I'm not sure though. I hope not since it's pretty much the only female hero solo regular comic on the market right now from Marvel. I'm hoping the switch to biweekly is just moving more X-23 product per month because the sales do stay pretty regular and the TPB sales seem to be doing fantastic. I'm hoping the comic itself is just moving to biweekly because it's just that awesome and the announcement for another year but with 23 more issues instead of 12 will be soon.

  3. She's the only strong female solo book and I hear Ms.Marvel is a :S book. Like it's more for guys than for showing heroism. D.C. does well with there females though. honestly I thought all the books were going bi for Nov and DEC. Not just x-23. Look at Avenger's academy and others. Uncanny XF will be doing it in December. I thought it was a nice holiday treat. Since the whole schism event.

  4. That could be, and I hope so. It is nice to have a character book that's not focused on using her as a sex object to sell. I really like how they bounce the artwork back and forth and even convey sensuality in some issues like the jubilee issue without having to use heaving bosoms. This book really does give them a chance to shine with the artwork. I love Noto's grim look, but also love Takeda's soft glowy innocence look to the art. Love how they seem to trade them back and forth depending on the story too, really helps set an entire tone for the issues right when you start reading it.