Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marvel Cancels Ghost Rider

After the news broke earlier this week that X-23 was canceled after issue 20 leaving Ghost Rider as the only female solo title(though not really since Johnny Blaze is still co-starring in it), news is breaking today that Ghost Rider is canceled.

CBR is reporting that Marvel has just axed what was the last female solo title they had.

At the rate titles are getting cut, one can only wonder how much longer Daken, Avengers Academy, and any other title that was selling below X-23 and Ghost Rider's numbers may last. This leaves Marvel with officially no female solo titles at all.


  1. Just a thought here. CBR said that Ghost Rider and X-23 are cancelled, but neither have been officially confirmed by Marvel. In February, both titles are crossing over with Venom. Is it possible that these titles are taking a break in February because of this crossover?

  2. They are canned for now it seems. I hope it's just a hiatus, but from the recent interviews and comments from the Marvel staff and EIC, it looks like they are just axed. This is starting to suggest Axel Alonso's term as EIC will get him the nick name Axel 'the Axe-Man' Alonso. While I don't think it's entirely his fault because Marvel's comics division is hemoraging money and full of layoffs right now thanks to a higher up that's not Disney, he is the one who chooses what books stay or go overall.

    This higher up is trying to please disney by meeting projections with gutting the company and stretching talents too thin which is causing some titles to reflect it in subpar work. I've got a full entry dedicated to this coming once I finish some more info gathering. Marvel's in a bind right now, and they are going to make it worse running around like a chicken with it's head cut off killing titles randomly.

  3. It might be high time for Isaac Perlmutter, the CEO of Marvel to be replaced. A lot of the problems Marvel is having, and his being the only conduit to Disney is creating issues. Disney needs to look into a new one, and have better communication with Marvel as a whole. Perlmutter seems to be only protecting his own behind, and not in the company's best interest anymore. He's cutting to the bone and stretching talents too thin so the entire brand is suffering and will for the long term.

    Part of that link also brings to question some of the tactics including liquidating inventory, and making it so trades can't be replenished for outlets to sell them for marvel to make money to avoid the storage fees. A short-sighted band-aid move.

    There are tons more problems, but I hope this helps you start seeing what I mean about the problems Marvel is having now. That articles also includes other resources that talk about this.


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  6. Mucho Gracias arvelous. Added it to the news and gave you credit for finding it. That's also awesome to hear that it'll get one more issue, and line up to the 2 year mark of Marjorie Liu writing the character.