Monday, November 7, 2011

Regenesis: Are The Two New X-Team Titles Worth Reading?

I wasn't kind to the Regenesis one-shot. It just struck me as too raw and attempting to emulate the modern world for my tastes, while also in many ways feeling rushed and shot from the hip. Yeah, that last bit is something I'm pretty familiar with as most of my entries here are all done that way too. It muddied the waters too much on what the debate was for my tastes. It had elements I liked though including how the voice of truth and reason was drowned out in favor of chants, simple one liners, and twisting self-caused statistics.(All those people that died on the bus that Prodigy refers to? That happened because Scott and Emma tried to force segregation, attempting to kick Prodigy out at the time too. Quite the subtle use of irony and selective memory there.)

That being said, both of the new #1s pleasantly surprised me. Wolverine and The X-Men #1 brought X-Men back to being fun to read, and reminded me why I enjoyed Jason Aaron's work after Beezle-Bub/Hellverine made me forget. Uncanny X-Men v2 #1, while still carrying the heavy political overtones, brought more to the table in why they have this side. I have some qualms towards Uncanny X-Men with the totalitarian approach over a fluid comparison to slightly younger nations like Israel, but for now it carries the point and is interesting to see how Scott Summers is losing himself to what he's becoming. Something that might be the reason to why he leaned on the fascist end and rogue state remarks over the more ally-like yet persecuted comparison that Israel would have given. It was an interesting read, including how it's starting to show the subtle cracking under pressure and hypocrisy Cyclops has.

For me, neither title is worth dropping as yet. Wolverine and The X-Men has brought the fun back to the title, and gives genuine hope for the future as they fight against intolerance using tolerance. Uncanny may be on the edge, but until it tips over I'll keep reading for now to see the self-destruction of Scott Summers that seems to be building from his over-indulgence in self-righteousness. These issues didn't reflect any of the problems I had towards Regenesis and felt closer to a coherent plan and characterization that's been building over the past few years. Overall I agree whole-heartedly with the sentiment that Scott Summers abandoned the dream the second it got hard in the face of adversity. Something Rick Remender put rather eloquently into Archangel's diatribe to Betsy about Xavier in Uncanny X-Force(truly a must read title).

So are these two titles worth reading for now? Oh hell yes.


  1. Waugh, I'm trying to drop books. Yet, I added Uncanny X-men in hopes of Surge/Prodigy again. Also, to be at the start of a franchise. But, I'm also hearing great things about Wolverine and the X-men. So I ordered the first issue... I think I might end up getting both eventually....

    I was thinking about getting Regenesis. But, from what I saw. It just seem to have no replay value at all or overall great story tone.

  2. I think you'll really enjoy Wolverine and The X-Men. It's just good old fashioned X-Men school fun.

    Uncanny X-Men I like for now, but I'm not sure how long it'll stay on my buy pile with how everyone feels like modern spins on the Acolytes. I know Surge can be a tad Sanctomonious as can Prodigy at times, but the whole thing is making me question why I like them as characters. So I would agree with skipping the Regenesis issue itself. I kind of wish I had.

  3. What was Acolytes like?

    I starting to think I should wait for a TPB of Uncanny X-men to test the waters. I think right now Uncanny X-men has a lot of potential. In terms of starting fresh. They have so much room for anyone to join in almost any division. But, I gotta admit... I don't like Generation hope and some of the other series... But, right now .. I'm interested in seeing what new members they get and how they develop later on.

    Wolverine & the X-men. Just seems like an good old jump aboard ship book. All your friends are here. They don't really have to change it up too much. To get the right formula. Since a lot of the characters are established very well.

    I haven't read either yet. But, I'm just going by the members.

  4. The Acolytes were Magneto's followers in the 90s that pushed his superiority with strength and power displays to give that same "don't screw with us" attitude. The entire idea behind the extinction team just reminds me of them for some reason because of that "fear us because we will harm you if you try to harm us" mentality.

  5. Oh, I see your point now. Thanks for taking the time to explain. :D