Friday, March 12, 2010

X-23 so free.

Another blog for me to carry on and on about another character I've had to do much research on... X-23. I hope to carry information few have bothered to realize or even research as this rising star in marvel continues to take spotlight after spotlight. Soon to follow are reviews of ALL her appearances, her origin, the psychology and science behind it.

So let's get this party started with an interview with her one of her contributors from X-Men Evolution.

Interview about her inception provided by Sideshow Collectibles.


  1. Marjorie Liu can now be credited as having written for the character as well.

  2. The jury is still out on whether or not she handled Laura well. I'd like to see where it goes before I throw her in the same hat as the two that pioneered Laura. Liu did give an interesting start to how Laura is handled though.

  3. And the jury is in. Marjorie Liu is starting to pioneer Laura better than Yost and Kyle. You were right.