Friday, March 12, 2010

The Problems with Casting Laura for a movie.

Okay, something new for me to harp on.
Casting an X-23 movie. The problems, drawbacks and issues to it, as well as the perks.

Okay people let's be honest here. Everyone, and I do mean almost EVERYONE wants Summer Glau or Eliza Dushku to do it, per their previous roles in Firefly, and Doll House respectively.

No. Just NO.
Oh, I'd agree if this were to be casting an X-Force movie, either one would be perfect. Laura deserves more than that though.

Her origin story, is a story of genetics, fertility treatments, stem cell research and child abuse. A movie about modern science gone awry creating the perfect weapon, or an emotionless child growing up with years of Verbal, Mental, and Physical abuse. For that, we need an actress who can convey the ages of 11-15, and no higher. This is something neither Glau, nor Dushku could do. Hollywood would have to cast an unknown, or an actress of similiar stature and appeal. Dushku and Glau are both at this point, too old to convey a tormented 13 year old girl. Dushku said it herself back in Tru Calling years back, that she's a 'mature' Highschool senior, and that was years ago. Summer Glau sadly has the same issue, her last appearance as a Highschool girl being years back in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Even then, they had to use film tricks to convey her age as a senior in highschool, even then the believability was marginal but passable. For this, it'd be impossible.  They would be perfect for Dr. Sarah Kinney though.

So we'll leave them for a potential X-Force flick or as her mother, but not an origins piece. They don't have much time left for an origins piece(if they still do even), nor do they have anytime left age-wise to convey Laura for sequels as she's growing up to their age to be conveyed. Therein lies the problem.
We need an actress who's still young to convey youth for awhile without the need of cinematic trickery to make a 30 something year old, look like she's 12-14.

XMO: X-23 Scene Test by ~DriftingSnow on deviantART

An Origins Movie of X-23 would need to cover the various aspects of her two mini-series, preferably with dead on accuracy, as these issues were incredibly well written for Movie usage. Giving throwbacks to classic cinema that makes you think, and ponder the possibilities, and how far would science really go in pursuit of money or for the DoD.

For that, we need an actress who can convey Laura in her younger days.  After all she's only 16 even in X-Force.  We need a Laura that can convey innocence, and purity while still playing off of the dichotomy of the killer inside of her. 

For this we need an unknown, or an actress of similiar stature. An actress who could use this role to not only parallel the treatment of young starlets by the mass media, but also play into the dichotomy of the character herself.

So, in the spirit of this, and expanding on the licenses Fox have already presented.
I suggest we need an actress who could do both, and then play into a series by Disney themselves of Academy X.

We need a movie that could shock and awe the audience in a scifi suspense thriller of intrigue, that leaves them wanting more, but also thinking about what this character has gone through.

So I suggest this:

Let Fox handle the movie. Call it X-Men Origins: X-23. Make it verbatum what her first two self titled mini-series are back to back. Then, leave off at her and Megan parting ways. Leaving the door open for sequels, and spin-offs which could then tap the potential of Academy X itself in a Mutant Degrassi High School like fashion. Scott Summers is dead you say? Well this is exactly why a spin off would have to be on TV. In TV Land you can skate by on certain aspects comedicly, like throwing out how he was brought back via cloning by Mr. Sinister. Emma Frost herself could parallel the parent reactions of X-23 being in an Academy X series, as she had attempted to make Laura leave in the comics too for being something made only for killing, even though she had done nothing wrong.

We don't need anymore reboots, or new spins, when the current Fox X-Universe could still be salvaged to better market both a new series, and sequels and spinoffs.

For a film like X-23 though, to tap the most potential, drawing power, and story to best convey the pain, and trials she went through, we'd need a star of young stature.
Someone ready to break the boundaries of Academy Nominations like American Beauty did. A transformation piece, on top of the suspense thrill ride that has been Laura's life. If done correctly, I have no doubt in my mind it could be up for a nomination as opposed to Wolverine, X-23 has a better self contained parallels, symbolism and real world nuance as opposed to the question of man or beast. Wolverine is classic yes, but his story is not Oscar potential as fun as it is. X-23's is.

X-23 is a throwback to films like Metropolis, American Beauty, among many other oscar winners and contenders. It'd be nice to see her handled appropriately as such.
The modern day fertility treatments and stemcell research in her origin alone could garnish some interesting responses. Another day, I'll go into the science behind X-23's origin, and how the word 'clone' is a misnomer for her, used by her creators to dehumanize her, and then also the repercussions of what Dr. Kinney has done, in creating a reconstituted wolverine gene, whether for cloning, or fertility methods.

For now, I leave you to ponder the possibilities of this:

X-Men Origins: X-23 Marvel by ~DriftingSnow on deviantART

Yes, I'd pick Selena Gomez for now. This is solely based on the age requirements though, considering her talent she could be more than capable, and would have the drawing power to make it a success for both fans and audiences alike. Otherwise, until another young star rises from nowhere, not many others are capable for an Origins piece. Unknowns not withstanding.  It also adds another layer or parallel to growing up in the child star system.  It could play out like a positive role model for girls.  One who's not just looking to get laid.  One who kicks butt and brings a family together.  A touching story of loss, sisterhood, and sacrifice.

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