Friday, March 12, 2010

X-23 Merchandise

So far with as new of a character as she is, Laura Kinney has already garnished several outlets into 3D immortality. Of course I'm speaking of Merchandised Goods.  For an updated rundown on all merchandise to current date, please turn to our Merchandise Section.

Marvel Minimates wave 32
A two pack that features X-23 in her X-Force Outfit, alongside a retro Cable figure.
Review coming soon!

Marvel Legends BAF Apocalypse series.
X-23 from her Innocence lost miniseries, and X-Men Evolution appearances was immortalized in plastic by Toy Biz while they had the master marvel license.
She came in two flavors. Black Suit, and Purple Suit. Review to come soon.

Statues or Inaction Figures.
She has received five statues so far.
One diorama from Sideshow collectibles that depicts her fight with Lady Deathstrike during messiah complex. A normal and collectors version exists.

Another is available from Sideshow collectibles as an entry into their Comiquette line of statues. A normal and collector's version exists. The difference being the collector's version has her locket from the end of Target X.

A statue/bust of her in the Wolverine Fang Costume (thanks to Threeclawseach for finding this).

She also has a mini-statue available with a magazine.

There's also the Sideshow X-Force Dio Statue. (Thanks to Threeclawseach for the heads up.)

If you're looking for more in print form, X-Force V3, NYX, and her two self-titled Minis are all available in TPB form Including a hardcover that has her two miniseries, followed by her first appearance in NYX.


  1. i have all those other than the statues.:D i love x-23! here's the fang's not really a's a mini-bust..

    it was released under diamond select toys.

  2. copy the link, don't know ehy it can't be's the last merchandise i know of..

    sideshow x-force diorama..

  3. Awesome, thanks. I'll add them. Yeah, I tend to pass on the statues too. Too stationary for my tastes. Plus I hate the fang costume, and wish the comiquette was done better in the face.

  4. Need to add the heroclix figures still too.