Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snowflakian Custom Figures

So I tend to get bored on slow news days, no new comics to read, and I'm procastinating retro reviews. Over the past several months of nothing new mentioned in MU relating to X-23, I've decided to start making customs of her.

Months later, now I've got 6 different custom figures of her that I thought I'd share.

X-Men Evolution Covert Ops Suit from the intro.

X-Men Evolution (Cat Girl anime stylized) X-23

Academy X (Fox Movie-Universe stylized) Graduation Costume.


Plain Clothes with cowboy hat.

DarkHawk Armor X-23 (A 'What if X-23 found an Order of the Raptors Amulet' Variant.)

More of this work can be found over at ToyArk.


  1. nice customs! the hair is a bit short on a couple of them though..

    thought you might like this..i got a friend to do it for me.:D


  2. Looks good! And yeah, limited materials, so the X-Force one is using a Classic short hair Ms. Marvel head. The rest are all long hair, the winged one is tied back in a pony-tail.