Friday, October 17, 2014

Rumor: Deadpool Confirmed In The Main Fox X-Men Cinematic World

During an interview over at, Simon Kinberg reveals indirectly that Deadpool may indeed be in the main X-Men Cinematic world and not a solo universe of his own.

He states:

There’s definitely a sort of overall plan that we’ve all been talking about for the universe now, and Deadpool obviously fits into that. So yeah, I guess I would say it’s part of certainly an overall timeline and thought process that goes into these films, some of which is inspired by the comics and some which is inspired by seeing what Marvel’s done with telling a larger tapestry and linking all those movies together, even as they stand independently as well. The same kind of thought is going to go into these X-Men movies at Fox.

Alluding to the fact that Deadpool, among other potential spin-offs, will indeed be part of a larger world they are building.  This bodes well for the much talked about Gambit feature, Deadpool, and any others that might potentially be in the pipeline for later to build this newly minted universe they are developing.

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