Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bully Awareness Month Part 2

While Kinney Pride has slowed on the consideration of Selena Gomez as X-23 herself, we here do wholeheartedly support her in the role of a Special Ops Agent that'd be needed if a Not Forgotten film were to be made as well as one of our top choices for America Chavez if a Young Avengers film or series were to be made.  Personally, I think she might get an absolute kick out of portraying America Chavez.  Yes, that pun was intended.  She'd also do amazingly well in the role of an elite trained rookie that'd present more story direction possibilities within the confines of the Not Forgotten story depending on changes made to the origin tale and X-Force follow up story that Not Forgotten is to it.  (The youth she brings to the character makes the turnover to do the right thing that the agent does that much more believable as a hardened by experience agent might be more apt to follow orders and look the other way.  It's a toss up really that's dependent on the changes made and the director in question with what they want to convey.)  Ms. Gomez has been an advocate for helping others sometimes even at her own personal cost as we've discussed here before, but she's constantly growing and maturing too along the way.  Being a Unicef youth ambassador since her Wizards of Waverly Place days, she's been doing charity work almost since her show at Disney started airing.

She's also been rumored to appear/star in an adaptation of the book 13 Reasons Why that deals with many themes and topics that are associated to Bully Awareness Month, and her upcoming film Rudderless (which if there's any real authenticity to the Academy Awards, should be an Oscar contender next year at least for supporting actress) also shares some similar themes.  Even in lieu of rumors of personal turmoil she's trying to grow from, she is still taking the time to highlight much from her home state of Texas while focusing on herself.  She recently retweeted an event that's helping a shelter in her home state as well as this below for Bully Awareness month itself.

While on this topic, here's also a follow up on the Lucy Hale support of Bully Awareness Month.  This is a cause that she has personally said she is passionate about.  I missed this tidbit from her instragram when doing the write up for the video she also tweeted.  Yeah, me of all people not doing his homework, who'da thunk it?  I might have been a little distracted by Jessica the Hippo.

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