Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fan Casting: Laura Kinney and Megan Kinney

I promise this fan casting entry will be short!

I saw this the other day, and my initial reaction outright was "OMG!  That's the perfect Laura Kinney and Megan Kinney! Fox get on that for the X-Men cinematic universe!"

'ello from @itsashbenzo & I this extremely early AM. (And from our sweatshirts and ice blendeds) great minds 👯

Lucy Hale as Laura Kinney aka X-23 herself, and Ashley Benson as Megan Kinney.
Ms. Hale has the eyes for it, as well as the hair, stature, presence, acting range, and more to do the role absolute complete justice! Ms. Benson has the hairstyle, demeanor, presence, acting range, and more for Megan Kinney to do the same! To the extent both of these actresses would be able to portray these characters to darn near comic panel perfection!

These two are definitely my top picks for those roles, and personally, I thought this picture conveyed the point quite beautifully.  So much so, I had to share it.

X-23: Target X issue 2

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