Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Other X-23 Appearances This Week

So far this week, besides of course her team book Avengers Academy, X-23 has also appeared in another comic.

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe issue 3 includes her and Daken into the fray.  Sadly it's only a couple panels of her that really don't give us any insight into how that battle would have gone. It does give us a mild throwback to similar moments when she was captured and how those who did it maintained her captivity until interfered with though.  So while it's not much, it still keeps itself within confines of the character history with small visual nods.

Sadly, we probably won't get a full issue of her taking on Deadpool as this is a limited series and that is a battle that could wage on for multiple issues.  This is probably why both her and Daken were handled off panel instead.

As the old saying goes though, the outcome of comic character battles is dictated by writer needs.  So as fictional versus would go, this speaks nothing to who would actually win based on the training and histories of each.  For that, we may never see as it's counter-intuitive to how Marvel works these days.

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