Friday, August 17, 2012

Comic Appearances for X-23 on August 22, 2012

From the previews for Marvel Comics being released next week as seen on CBR, it seems that X-23 will be making a quick possibly one panel appearance in another comic.

The preview for Venom issue 23 has a brief reference to Circle of Four in it.  This of course includes X-23 and the other two compatriots of that arc.

Really dig the stylistic approach used to depict them.  Also rather convenient numbering for this reference.  The rule of 23 seems to always crop back up whenever it can.  This will probably be only a single panel one-off reference, but for those wanting to know everywhere she shows up no matter how miniscule, it's worth noting.


  1. Unfortunately, I got the first issue and immediately regretted the purchase. Simply one of the worst comics I have ever read. Always trying to collect anything that has X-23 in it; picked this issue up thanks to you mentioning an appearance. I am sorry this comic is pure garbage. I feel ashamed to have given Marvel money for this crap. So many bad things in this; it really is embarrassing that a comic like this could get released in this day and age. Seems like a simple cash grab by Marvel. Pretty sad.

  2. Meant the Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe comic. Not the Venom one. My bad!

    1. Yeah, I tried to forewarn against that with harping on it a bit for how little was in it(though it did moderately mimic the X-Force Not Forgotten arc with how she was strung up, but barring the escape and finale in that arc it wasn't really all that great either). I'm usually more direct by saying "Why haven't you bought this yet?" but other good stuff sometimes I forget to add that bit. I'll try to do better next time to forewarn about that.