Sunday, April 1, 2012

Secret X-23 Movie in the Works? - April Fools

I've made no secret about the fact I've wanted to see this movie made. Heck I'm pretty verbose about it whenever I get the chance. Probably to the point I've annoyed many a people about it.

Recently I've noticed an interesting trend. I do know for fact that there is an X-23 movie script out in the wild based on her origin miniseries. One that needs many more revisions to fit a better cohesive vision for this feature to nod the ongoing's additions as well. The trend that I've noticed is that the pages on this blog that talk about casting choices and what the problems to a movie of such nature are, have been getting more hits coming in from around California.

Many of these entries list my thoughts on the matter and how much I think Selena Gomez would fit the role needed and random concept work to prove the point. A movie of this nature to meet the talked about desired date would have to go into production soon too. To meet a 2013 release date, it would have to start production literally now or yesterday. More and more I've been seeing fans openly admit on deviantart that they want to see a movie of X-23. That the wide recognition it would create would stop anymore awkward questions they get during Halloween or when they prep costumes for cons. There have been countless comments made all over the web that a movie like this has a demand. The sales of the origin minis and even the first volume of the ongoing had managed to get within the Diamond top ten of their respective months of release. To top it all off, Fox currently has the rights to Daredevil who is also a major player in the second X-23 origin feature mini. Fox does have a Daredevil reboot in the works, but could it meet the deadline they'd need to keep the rights? Using him in an X-23 feature to be released in October of 2013 could guarantee they keep the rights until their reboot is ready.

Recently Selena Gomez herself (who is also aware of the interest in an X-23 feature film, what it could do for her career, how some of her fans do want to see her play the role, and Fox is aware of how her fans could generate endless free marketing for such a feature because of how much of a marketing savant Ms. Gomez is) has tweeted that her part in the movie Spring Breakers has wrapped and she's moving on to her next feature. A feature film that requires her to have straight long hair as tweeted here and here. Summer Glau is also currently slated for no films as her current films are in post production. I've made previous remarks she would be perfect for the role of Dr. Sarah Kinney, which also does open the door for her to play X-23 at an older age in a much later movie or cameo.

Fox has never been one to shy away from making money any way possible. It also opens the door to have an ending scene to show off the potential Deadpool costume for his feature at the end of the movie with an after credits scene of Laura getting off the bus in New York. She could say a line like "It could always be worse." As Deadpool in costume runs by franticly screaming "The bee men are coming, the bee men are coming." and Laura could follow up with "I could be him." On that same notion it helps prep potential Daredevil casting choices by giving an early preview of him and start to create their own combined Marvel Universe similiar to what Marvel is doing with the Avengers.

This also gives Fox a sleeper X-Men tie-in film while The Wolverine is still under development and the next X-Men first class film is a ways off. This would give us a modern day insight into Logan and the modern FoX-Men universe while the other movies continue building to the present.

For such a movie to exist including post-production, filming would have to start this summer if it wants to reach that ten year anniversary release date. So I actually decided to do some digging for once. I can safely announce that all our hopes have been answered. An X-23 feature film is in the works and has been for awhile now based loosely on her two origin miniseries.

Further information I've been able to gather from inside sources is it will have Steve Rogers as played by Chris Evans in it too, though the casting has also called for Agent Alisanda Morales too. Fox has been able to come to terms with Marvel about an equal exchange. A Hugh Jackman Wolverine cameo in the future so long as he is only called Logan or James in it, for the usage of Steve Rogers here. This will give fans everything they've ever wanted as it will directly tie Daredevil, Avengers, and X-Men into the same movie-universe.

The hope is if future such deals can be worked out, we could very well see full on Marvel Events turned into multi-part feature films. The Fantastic Four's reboot is currently also being retooled with this in mind. The decision to not use the Skrulls in the Avengers movie was due to a rights issue initially but has panned out for the best as the Disir have fit better. Fox and Marvel are currently discussing how a Secret Invasion movie branching out of the Fantastic Four reboot could work though. The stakes are much higher here though as Fox has the rights Marvel wants for many things like Dr. Doom, Galactus, the skrulls, Namor, and the Fantastic Four themselves while Marvel only has random oddities for Fantastic Four that Fox would be interested in.

And if you haven't guessed by now. This was all a last minute lame April Fools joke. I have no clue what Selena Gomez's next film is, but if it does turn out to be an X-23 feature I will keep you posted as I would if any actress managed to get that role or a movie of Laura was being made. I'm generally against April Fools day pranks, but I couldn't resist when those two pictures were sent my direction with a note attached using the above headline here.

*I repeat.  This was an April Fools joke.  It is not to be taken seriously and progressively includes larger and larger deliberate mistakes and half truths to suggest as such.*


  1. I hate you.... I didn't check the site on April Fool's. So I was reading... let's just say you totally got me.

  2. thank god its a joke
    i would hate to see selena gomez as x23

    1. People have said the same about all kinds of roles before and now no one but that star seems right for it.
      Catwoman being the exception, but that movie was just bad from the get go because of a horrible script.

    2. Want to append that previous catwoman comment.

      I understand it was aiming for Eartha Kitt. That just wasn't announced loud enough.