Monday, April 30, 2012

Avengers Academy Crams For Final Exam

Over on CBR, Christos Gage has given an interview about upcoming Avengers Academy storyline "Final Exam." This is not the final story arc for the team, but a stepping stone towards graduation, self-reflection, and what drives them as heroes. At least according to the interview. It will start after the AVX tie-ins end.

This story will feature heavily on the core team, plus Lightspeed, White Tiger, and X-23. After that, there are comments of even bigger things coming to the Academy like facing off against another iconic team(Young Avengers?).


  1. Can't the rest of the team not, like go on vacation without showing up at all taking up page space?

    1. I'm just going to trust Gage on this one. He's handled the comic pretty amazingly so far with how he divides his character focus and defines them.

    2. There's only one character in Avengers Academy I care about.

    3. I tend to feel the same about missing the X-23 ongoing, but Avengers Academy has a lot of potential with some of the other characters. Finesse herself is an amazing idea, and with X-23 alongside her, it makes her even more interesting.

      I could do without Hazmat though lately(Mettle needs to meet Mercury!), well at least until the AvX issue, now Hazmat's back on my good side. xD The team also needs a student techie already that's a female Ironman Legacy character(someone who isn't faculty!).

      Fret not though. There still might be some big things in play for X-23's future as a standalone story so they can wrap up the 'soul mark' and how it ties into the mystery cloaked woman. She set Laura on that path of understanding what it was for a reason, and that reason I'm willing to bet was so that she could exist. The smart marketing move would be to have that Remnant come back into play next year to fully establish who she is for the Marvel universe alongside a handy origin tale and why she's an X-23 only centric-villian.

    4. Like I said. I don't care about the other characters or their potential. For all I care they can get assimilated by the Borg collective and never be heard from again. This whole thing feels like new X-men all over again. I just hope they don't make Laura suddenly want to join 'her' people. She may be a mutant clone but she isn't a typical Marvel universe mutant.